Saudi Arabia Entry Requirements

Saudi Arabia Entry Requirements

Passport and visa regulations


Passport required visa required Return ticket required
Other EU countries Yes Yes Yes
Switzerland Yes Yes Yes
Austria Yes Yes Yes
Germany Yes Yes Yes
Turkey Yes Yes Yes

Passport information

Generally required, must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry and contain two opposite blank pages. All passports must be machine-readable.

Note on the passport

Visa regulations can change at short notice. Information can be obtained from the responsible consular representatives. Women traveling alone should keep in mind that women are generally not allowed to travel in the same car with men to whom they are neither related nor married. Women must be appropriately dressed. Details from the relevant consular post.

Visa information

Required for nationals of the countries listed in the table above, among others. Note: Citizens of the following countries listed in the table above can apply for an online visa for tourist trips: a) Germany, Austria and all other EU countries, b) Switzerland.

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Business visa with invitation (men only): €474.81 (single entry, valid for 3 months); €830.62 (multiple entries, valid for 6 months). Tourist Visa on arrival or e-Visa: 440 SAR (single entry, 1 month stay) Switzerland Business Visa (male only) or Visitor Visa: 562 CHF (single entry); 1406 CHF (multiple entries, valid for one year). Tourist visa on arrival or e-Visa: 440 SAR (single entry, 1 month stay)

Visa types and costs

Tourist visa, business visa (valid for 90 days), temporary employment visa, transit, single or multiple entry visa (for visiting relatives). Transit visas are valid for 3 days. Transit over land is not possible. Special entry visas are issued by the Saudi authorities for the minor (Umrah) and major pilgrimage (Hajj).


Transit passengers who continue their flight on the next connection within 18 hours, have a confirmed return/onward flight ticket and valid travel documents and do not leave the transit area do not need a transit visa. With the exception of Saudi Arabian Airlines, which allows two stopovers in Saudi Arabia, only one stopover is permitted as part of visa-free transit. Personally 10-14 days before departure at the consular department of the embassy or at the visa service centers in Berlin, Frankfurt, Geneva or Bern at the visa agency VFS TASHELL. A personal appointment with the consular providers in Germany or Switzerland should be arranged in advance if possible. Visa procurement agencies / consular providers apply to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the approval number (E-number) required for the visa application. Citizens of the European Union and Switzerland, among others, can apply for tourist visas on arrival or online for a single entry and stay of one month or for multiple entries and a stay of three months. Note: Visa applications for business visas can either be downloaded online from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website or submitted through a visa agency in Berlin, Frankfurt, Geneva or Bern. Tourist visas are organized by the tour operator.

Application required

Visitor Visa: (a) 1 Application Form (Point “Arrival” must state whether the traveler is arriving by land or air). (b) 2 identical, recent EU size passport photos in color with white background, wearing glasses without glasses. (c) Machine-readable passport, valid for at least 6 months upon entry and containing two blank pages facing one another. (d) Fee (cash payment during personal interview). (e) Letter of invitation from a contact person in Saudi Arabia, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (f) Approval from the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (an approval number will be issued). (g) Current original certificate of good conduct. (h) If applicable, residence permit for Germany, Austria or Switzerland, which is still valid for at least 6 months. Foreign EU citizens need their registration certificate for their place of residence in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Business visa (men only): (a)-(h). (i) Information about the purpose and duration of the trip. (j) Declaration of assumption of travel and subsistence expenses by the company and address of the business partner in Saudi Arabia. (k) Official letter of recommendation or invitation reference certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( Payment of the authentication fee by the Saudi business partner. (l) A letter from the company certified by the CCI and a letter of invitation from the Saudi partner certified by the CCI in Saudi Arabia, or the approval of the Saudi investment promotion company SAGIA ( (m) Certified Copies of Qualifications. The originals must be legalized when applying. (n) Copy of degree certificate. (o) Notarized confirmation that the position described has been filled in the company. (p) Proof of Competence. Tourist Visa (a) Passport valid for at least 6 months upon arrival. (b) Visa Fees. (c) official letter of invitation. Muslims: If the applicant was not born in an Islamic country, an Islam certificate is required.

Temporary Residence

Inquiries to the competent consular representations.

Processing time

2-3 working days. Applications should be made 10-14 days prior to planned departure.

Legally Required Registration

There is a reporting requirement for foreigners moving to Saudi Arabia who have a visa for a stay of more than 30 days or a work visa. You must register with the responsible police station within 3 days. You will need 3 passport photos (black and white only). The processing fee is approximately 500 S.Rls. An interpreter is recommended. When traveling within Saudi Arabia or by vehicle to neighboring countries, foreign workers must carry a travel letter from their employer (Saudi sponsor) listing their travel destinations, in addition to a passport and visa. The letter must be stamped by the Chamber of Commerce and the local police station.

Documents required upon entry

Valid return or onward travel tickets.

Entry with children

German: Own (children’s) passport. Austrians: Own machine-readable passport. Swiss: Own machine-readable passport. Turks: Own machine-readable passport. Note: The same visa regulations apply to children as to their parents. Since June 27, 2012, children need their own travel document (passport / children’s passport) to travel abroad (also within the EU). Entries of children in the parental passport are no longer possible.

Entry restrictions

The government refuses entry and transit to the following, among others: Israeli citizens. (However, nationals of other countries with Israeli visas in their passports should have no problems entering the country. In any case, it is advisable to contact the embassy.) Travelers who are not dressed appropriately or who are obviously intoxicated. Carrying alcohol is prohibited. Entry via Jeddah Airport is restricted during the pilgrimage season (e.g. travelers with business visas are only allowed to enter there if they can prove that they are not Muslim).

Exit permit

Only travelers with a residence permit need an exit permit.

Saudi Arabia Entry Requirements