Saint Mary's University Review (64)

Saint Mary’s University Review (64)

University: Saint Mary’s University

City: Halifax

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: Business

Study type: semester abroad

Experience Canada

I studied in the USA until Christmas 2008 and decided at short notice to spend a semester in Canada afterwards. While researching opportunities, I came across MicroEdu and contacted MicroEdu in October. The information on the website gave me sufficient information about the university and the course. I was able to clarify further questions and information quickly and easily with the MicroEdu staff by email or telephone. When I finally decided on Saint Mary’s University and started the application process, I was mainly accompanied by MicroEdu and each of the steps was explained to me or given instructions. The team continued to strive for all necessary and further steps, established direct contact with the university and initiated the course selection and enrollment process in the best possible way. I was really surprised how committed and competent they were at my side and accompanied me throughout the entire application and admissions process. And this absolutely without any costs!┬áCheck to see universities where you can study with 100 TOEFL points.

Arrived in Halifax on the east coast of Canada (you can visit Google Earth or Google Maps in advance), I took the airport shuttle to the university. The tip here is to choose the shuttle bus (18CAD) instead of taking expensive taxis. These usually run regularly or every hour.

I chose the on-campus dorm and stayed in the Rice apartment tower. (More detailed information about on-campus housing options can be found on the Saint Mary’s University homepage). This is cost-effective and represents good value for money as one is not forced to purchase the meal plan. However, you can still eat and pay in the cafete and canteen, but you can also cook independently in your own kitchenette in the apartment. The rooms are mostly two-bed rooms, with two being combined to form an apartment with a living room, bathroom and kitchen. Highly recommended from my point of view, since the way to the classrooms is only 2 minutes. (With elevator to the basement and underground passage to the classrooms.)

I took Human Resource Management and Strategic Management courses. The teaching concept was contrary to the prevailing circumstances in Germany. I was in a class with about 20 other, many international, students. The lectures took place in well-equipped classrooms and not, as is usual in Germany, in overcrowded lecture halls with up to 500 students. The university’s technical equipment (computer rooms open 24/7, well-equipped classrooms with projectors, PCs, etc.) also made studying particularly easy. The courses themselves also had different requirements than I was used to when studying business administration in Germany: At my home university I was used to only taking an exam at the end of the semester and then getting 100% of the grade. At the SMU, however, in both courses a short homework assignment (analysis of a case study, term paper) had to be handed in almost every week or a large number of presentations had to be given. The interaction with other fellow students is also strengthened by numerous group projects and teamwork, in contrast to everyday student life in Germany. I found the supervision and atmosphere at the university in general and in both courses in particular to be very pleasant, fair and appropriate. The lecturers could be reached at any time by email or in the office and mostly answered questions on the same day and were always cooperative in solving problems and very friendly and personal in their dealings.

In addition to studying, the university also offers numerous opportunities for physical activity: free fitness studio, tournaments of all kinds of sports (badminton, basketball, football,…) or the opportunity to watch top-class games of the football, volleyball, basketball or ice hockey teams. Go huskies go! Numerous theater performances or the so-called “Battle of the Floors” (where teams from the individual floors of the on-campus residential complex compete against each other in fun competitive games) also offer constant opportunities to participate in university activities. The university’s own bar, where students can present musical contributions on stage in bar evenings or open jam sessions, offers an ideal opportunity for contact with Canadians, students or other international students.
Regarding Halifax in general, it can be said that the city is very much characterized by student life due to 3 local universities. In the city center there are a plethora of bars, pubs and discotheques of all kinds of music and styles. In cooperation with companies, the university offers many excursions, trips and excursions especially for international students. Specially organized introductory and orientation days or the traditional “International Night” also offer the best opportunities to get to know each other and to find your way around the university and the city.

The service called “Husky Patrol” is particularly noteworthy. This is a free taxi service for all students, where you can be driven to the city/to friends/supermarket/bars or to any place you like within a huge (sufficient) radius of the university every day until midnight and you can also call them back be picked up and driven back to the university/dormitory. Unique, take advantage of this offer!!!

In summary, I can describe my study visit to Saint Mary’s University as unique, unique and a wonderful experience. I would definitely do it again. My tip, use the time, it goes by faster than you think, the exam period is also approaching faster, so during the semester you should make time for excursions and sightseeing trips (possibly with a rental car) to nearby sights (e.g. Peggy’s Cove ) perceive.

Saint Mary's University Review (64)