Saint Mary's University Review (54)

Saint Mary’s University Review (54)

University: Saint Mary’s University

City: Halifax

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: trade management

Study type: Summer Sessions

I did both Summer Sessions at St. Mary’s University in 2009. Basically, I can say that the time there was more than worth it. I structured my experience report as follows:
– university
– life outside the SMU
– accommodation
– countryside/surroundings
– application process via

I will start with my experiences directly related to the SMU.


Apart from the fact that the university charges a hefty additional fee for foreign students, there is nothing negative to report. Both the arrival with AirCanada and the organizational aspects at the SMU went extremely well. There were no problems at the “Immigrations Office” about entering Canada. Procedure was limited to: reason for entry, length of stay and “Have fun”. I will therefore only refer to my chosen courses:

Summer Session I:
International Economic Issues (Lecturer: Dr. Mukhopadhyay)

The course itself was very interesting and challenging. Many current topics, also with regard to the financial crisis, were discussed. Anyone who wants to take an economics-heavy course is well served with this one. Nevertheless, the lecturer’s English takes some getting used to. If you also want to get involved in the course, you are in the wrong place. The grade was only calculated with 2 exams and one presentation. Check to see Singapore higher education.

Conclusion: medium amount of work; Interesting subject

Strategic Management (Lecturer: Dr. Baltazar)

An absolutely recommendable course. Mr. Baltazar is a very competent lecturer who has held many positions as a strategic consultant in business. The content relates to almost all areas of business administration. Prior knowledge is a prerequisite, but almost no financial management knowledge is required. The grade was made up of many components: participation, assignments, case studies, exams; Presentation.

Conclusion: High effort; Very interesting subject; Competent lecturer

Summer Session II
Selling & Sales Management (Lecturer: Dr. Weigand)

“Anyone who is interested in marketing and wants to start a marketing career should first start in sales.” I’ve heard this quote many times and internalized it through the course. A very interesting course that specializes in the “Sales” sub-area of ​​marketing. This course was also very interactive. Presentations, group work, exams and participation in class were essential for a good grade. Prior marketing knowledge is an urgent requirement.

Conclusion: little effort; Very interesting subject

Money & Banking (Lecturer: Dr. Storring)

Along with Strategic Management, one of the two best courses I’ve had at SMU. Mr. Storring came from Acadia University and had very high standards for himself as well as for the students. The topics were highlighted every hour with current events from the financial crisis. The assignments were often based on announcements by the Bank of Canada. The amount of work was correspondingly high, but it was still worth it. Although the course was for beginners in banking, it was of a very high standard. The grade consisted of 4 assignments and 2 exams.

Conclusion: Very high effort, very interesting subject, competent lecturer

Life outside the SMU

The city does not compare to other major cities in Canada in terms of activity and vibrancy. Nevertheless, there is a lot to experience, especially in summer. There were festivals or parades almost every week, such as Tallships, Buskers Festival, etc. The International Center of the SMU will inform you if you take care of it yourself. The nightlife in Halifax is also good. Many bars and clubs are suitable for one or the other evening partying (e.g. Argyle). Furthermore, some football leagues take place in summer. This can be good for making contacts.
In my opinion, some groceries are more expensive than in Germany. You should buy less dairy products and eat more fish here. Otherwise, fast food is extraordinarily cheap. However, if you don’t want to return to Germany with 10kg more on your ribs, you should cook one or the other yourself.
The bus connections are not very frequent, but you get used to it and walk more.


I lived at the Atlantic School of Theology which was a 7 minute walk from SMU. The people there are very friendly and helpful. You also have the opportunity to make new contacts, improve your English and wake up on the morning walk to the SMU. The canteen also has good food, but not cheap either. But the rent is a lot cheaper than in the Loyola or Rice Residences. Furthermore, the residence is equipped with everything you need. This also includes:
– shared kitchen and kitchen appliances
– cutlery and plates
– refrigerators/freezers
– sheets, blankets, etc.

The residence was almost empty over the summer, as the university there only offers very short summer semesters. You can learn in peace on a huge area, right on the estuary.


During my time I mainly stayed on the east coast of Canada. I’ve been everywhere except in the big cities like Montreal or Toronto or in the States. We recommend the areas:
– Cape Breton (nature reserve)
– Prince Edward Islands (many national parks)
– Lawrence Town/Porter’s Lake (some provincial parks)
– Peggy’s Cove
– Lunenburg
– Rainbow heaven beach (beach)
– Point Pleasant Park (Halifax city park )

I will not describe the individual stations any further, since a travel guide would be appropriate here and can provide more detailed information.

Application process

The application process via MicroEdu went smoothly. The staff were very open and helpful. There weren’t any difficulties. I found the organization to be very relieving when planning my stay abroad. Thank you again for your support.

Saint Mary's University Review (54)