Saint Mary's University Review (50)

Saint Mary’s University Review (50)

University: Saint Mary’s University

City: Halifax

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: psychology

Study type: semester abroad

I’m in a cab driving through the Canadian woods. It’s dark, I’ve had a murderously strenuous and – it seems to me – endless flight behind me and I’m full of expectation, anticipation and excitement for what is to come. A semester at SMU in Halifax: foreign people, foreign language, foreign culture? The first few weeks in Halifax show that this is not quite the case. In the YMCA, where I stayed and which I can also recommend (if you have no problem sharing a kitchen with 20 people), almost exclusively Germans live next to me and the university is also teeming with exchange students. In the first few days it almost drives me crazy: After all, I’m here to speak English! But at some point I realize that the Germans aren’t all that bad and you, if you make an effort, you can also start a conversation with Canadians. The courses at the university are okay, despite the technical demands there is still time for a few weekend trips and Canada and Nova Scotia inspire me. The Indian Summer does the rest and the city of Halifax has also impressed me with its charming Atlantic flair. All in all, it can be said that Halifax delivers a fine combination of what I think is a good university and a great environment.┬áCheck to see Slovakia or Slovenia where to study.

The four months go by faster than I can see and when the taxi takes me back to the airport (this time through snow-covered forests) I am satisfied: with the time I had and with the country that I was able to get to know a new.

Saint Mary's University Review (50)