Saint Mary's University Review (48)

Saint Mary’s University Review (48)

University: Saint Mary’s University

City: Halifax

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: literary studies

Study type: semester abroad

All in all, the stay in Halifax was very nice. Halifax is a cozy port city whose roommates are just as comfortably content and “down to earth”. I found the people to be very friendly and helpful. The nightlife is also rather rustic: many pubs, mostly with live music. However, if you are looking for the pulsating metropolis, you are not in good hands here, but that should be clear.┬áCheck to see 8 best cities to study in Australia.

People were often irritated because the number of Germans was getting out of hand. The International Orientation consisted of 90% Germans. Not so great if you want to practice English. Maybe you should convince some Germans to do a Toeffel test and spread them out to other universities.

However, I had a few advantages over many:

  1. I DID NOT STUDY BUSINESS, but English literature, and I was only surrounded by native speakers. I can only recommend going abroad even if it becomes difficult to get credited. I found the courses to be very good. For real! And I’ve learned a lot. Especially the writing. The approach may seem a bit unscientific at first, but you learn to argue well. It’s a good break from German university life and gave me courage to continue my studies. The Writing Center is also recommended. However, one should perhaps look for someone there as a proofreader who is studying something similar. Definitely take advantage of this free service! In general: Quietly claim the service that you pay for after all. Asking is really allowed here!
  2. I LIVED OFF CAMPUS. If at all possible, I can only recommend looking for a place to stay off campus and outside the YMCA. It’s best to rent a hostel and come to Halifax a week before the start. Of course it takes a bit of courage because you have to call strangers (get a Canadian mobile phone card!), but it’s worth it. You will certainly feel more at home and speak English with any roommates. MicroEdu could set up a forum for this, because the landlords are usually looking for new tenants for the Germans who are moving out again. That would save a lot of stress on both sides.
  3. I FANGED MY CANADIAN GIRLFRIEND and it wasn’t that easy. Canadians are open, but often not very talkative, especially at the university – not even with each other. You have to be a little persistent. A meeting to learn is a great opportunity! You will certainly not only talk about the learning material. With a lot of patience (a few words more every week) I finally made a really great Canadian friend. I think you should be reserved and persistent at the same time, then it will work.

So, those would be my tips. I hope they are helpful. It was beautiful in Canada and I will live from it for a long time.

Saint Mary's University Review (48)