Saint Mary's University Review (41)

Saint Mary’s University Review (41)

University: Saint Mary’s University

City: Halifax

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

How did I feel about Halifax, I have to say the city has its charm, even if you have to consider that you can’t really call it a big city. You actually have everything you need to live, the only thing that a big city dweller might be missing are chic bars to go out and actually just the somewhat finer going out. Because Halifax consists mainly of sports bars and pubs, which are mostly comparable to English or Irish pubs in Germany.┬áCheck to see cost of living in London.

But Halifax has the advantage that things are less hectic and agitated here, people take their time when you have a question and are all very friendly. In addition, of course, the cost factor is also decisive, because studying in Toronto or Montreal is of course a lot more expensive. All I can say about the university is that, as with most North American universities, the saying goes: quantity before quality. You are constantly kept on the go to do something for the university, but the level is not particularly high and in no way comparable to Germany. Good grades are then rather child’s play if you stay on the ball regularly. The Canadian students themselves, in my opinion, are not particularly open-minded, also conversations between the students themselves, are limited to a minimum. It is therefore quite difficult for a foreign student who is only there for a short period of time to get in touch with the locals. In contrast, the rest of the exchange students are more open-minded. A shortcoming is certainly that the number of Germans is immensely high, and you meet Germans again and again. The number of students should be limited here, although of course the university is very happy about the tuition fees of each individual student!

Saint Mary's University Review (41)