Saint Mary's University Review (35)

Saint Mary’s University Review (35)

University: Saint Mary’s University

City: Halifax

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: Summer Sessions

Organization of the stay

Since the summer session is not a student exchange, but a self-organized matter, there is a lot to do. The people at MicroEdu have given me great support. No matter whether it was about the application, accommodation, course selection or whatever. MicroEdu will send you all the important information in advance, and if you have any questions, you will get them answered quickly and professionally. When it comes to organization, I can fully rely on MicroEdu! Check to see best cities to study in Norway.

There are many ways to live in Halifax. I lived in the Rice Residence dorm right on campus. For $500 per month you get a large single room in a 3-person shared flat with a kitchen and bathroom. Perfect for self-sufficiency and to quickly get in touch with other students. It’s not that busy during the summer sessions, so it wasn’t a problem to get the accommodation I wanted.


At the university, in the halls of residence and on campus, things are very international. At the SMU you will find students from almost every country. Of course, this mix makes the whole thing extremely interesting. Multiculturalism works really well here!
The university itself is super nice. During the summer sessions there is not as much going on as usual, and you can enjoy your study time there comfortably and quietly in summer temperatures.
There are also no organizational problems, no matter what concern you have, you get very competent and friendly help everywhere.

Course choice

It is recommended not to take more than 2 courses per session. I only took one course myself, so I had enough time to enjoy them all. When choosing a course, you should be quick when the enrollment period begins, as some courses are already full 20 – 30 seconds after the start of registration!


The lectures are always 3 hours. However, most professors usually take a short break, so this is not a problem. The course itself is more like at school, there is homework and independence is not very important. Anyone who has made friends with it after a short time will have no problems passing or get very good grades.


In addition to studying, there are of course many ways to spend your free time. During the day you can spend time with friends at the waterfront or in Point Pleasent Park, in the evening numerous beautiful farts and lots of discos and clubs invite you to a nice evening. Wednesdays are Student Nights at the Dome (free entry and cheap drinks), and Saturdays Club Palace has everything pretty cheap.
The university is in a very good location and you can reach almost everything on foot (clubs, park, supermarket, etc.). If you like it more comfortable, you can also take a cheap taxi or bus.


Anyone who goes to Canada should have a big wallet. Especially when the Canadian dollar exchange rate is bad, it can quickly become expensive. Food, alcohol, cigarettes and clothes are sometimes 2-3 times as expensive as in Germany (of course there are exceptions here too). You can save money if you are self-sufficient and take advantage of offers from restaurants, pubs and discos.


  • Use the SMU pick-up service and let us pick you up at the airport (saves money).
  • 3-person shared flat (single room) in the Rice Residence dormitory with kitchen.
  • Register for courses immediately after the start of the registration period.
  • Find out about offers from restaurants, pubs and clubs.
  • Plan a good cash cushion.
  • Take one or both summer sessions (winter in Halifax is pretty damn cold, better enjoy it in the summer).


Anyone who decides to spend some time at SMU will have a great and unforgettable time there. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Saint Mary's University Review (35)