Saint Mary's University Review (20)

Saint Mary’s University Review (20)

University: Saint Mary’s University

City: Halifax

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

It has always been my dream to do a semester abroad and I can only recommend it to you, because you not only gain a lot of experience, but also experience a lot. I chose Canada even though England was my original destination. However, I didn’t regret it in the end. Check to see best 7 nursing schools in Canada.


If you plan to go abroad, you should plan it at least 1 year in advance. MicroEdu will be the best help for you. Thanks to MicroEdu, I got an acceptance from SMU within two to three weeks. Before that, I had to compile my application documents and submit them to MicroEdu. But don’t worry, the forms are easy to fill out. If you have any questions, you can always contact MicroEdu. You will be supported with all your questions. MicroEdu will even give you instructions on how to plan your semester abroad. If you follow the instructions, you are already very well prepared. In February I immediately booked my return flight with Lufthansa because I want to have everything planned out. Unlike other airlines, Lufthansa tickets are a lot more expensive. Another alternative would be to book the outbound flight with Condor, but you would have to book your return flight with another airline. Since I do not have German citizenship, I had to apply for a visa at the Canadian Embassy in Vienna. The compilation of the documents takes a lot of time, although the processing of the application only takes a few weeks. If you plan to stay in Canada for more than six months, you are also required to apply for a visa. You should plan at least six months for the Bafög if you want to get the money in time. Three months before my trip I started to open a checking account at Deutsche Bank, because I can use it to withdraw money from Scotiabank free of charge. Despite everything, it is always advisable to apply for a credit card before going abroad. I took out my international health insurance with the ADAC because it’s the cheapest there. If you’re already an ADAC member, you even get a small discount.

I chose the SMU because the university does not require language tests such as TOEFL or IELTS. At least I’m spared that hassle. In addition, students have a wide range of business subjects to choose from. Since I’m studying International Management, it’s a big advantage for me. You should discuss the credits for your chosen courses with the respective professors or with the examinations office beforehand. MicroEdu will let you know when you can register for the courses. I didn’t have any major problems choosing my course, since all my courses were accepted by the examination office. In most cases you have to have already fulfilled the technical requirement, the so-called “prerequisite”, before registering for the courses. However, I can only tell you that I have never had to prove this. The professors don’t pay attention either. As soon as you are approved for the courses by Paul Dixon, you are automatically enrolled in the course.

The SMU has a very international focus. You meet people from almost all nations on campus, especially Chinese students. At first I was very surprised that Canadian students were in the minority. In some courses there are only foreign students. For this reason, it is not surprising that many professors at SMU are not native speakers. Ultimately, international students are SMU’s main source of funding. Therefore, they are welcomed with an exciting orientation week.


During my semester abroad I took the following courses: International Marketing, International Economic Issues and International Business Management. Although all these courses require a lot of work, they are very interesting and instructive for me. If you work hard, you can get very good grades. During the semester you write two to three exams in one course. By evaluating group work, assignments, and oral participation, students generally have a higher chance of getting good grades. In addition, the profs are also very nice and friendly. In my opinion, German universities clearly have a higher standard. However, it turns out to be an advantage for us.


When I got the offer, I immediately expected that I wouldn’t be able to come to the halls of residence because the university prefers students who move into the halls of residence for a full year. Of course, when the best places are already taken, only the worst are left behind. For this reason, I immediately started looking for a “homestay” option. This saves me the application costs for the dormitory. Anyone who decides on a “homestay” should be prepared for a certain risk. Contrary to all my expectations, I chose a miserable host family. You can never foresee everything. So I can only give you this tip: If you plan to stay with a host family, you should definitely avoid the name “David Jobe”. Despite everything, there are also nice host families in Canada where you can feel comfortable. My girlfriend was luckier because she met very nice host parents who treated her like one of the family. Monthly I paid 750 CAN for my accommodation. This is the usual price many homestay providers charge. However, the price varies depending on the accommodation and food options. I even have to pay a fee of 250 CAD when the room is accepted so that the room is not given to other people. This also depends on the respective host family.

City ​​and life

Halifax is a beautiful island city that embodies the beauty of nature. For me it is the first time in my life that I can experience the sea, the coast and the breathtaking, idyllic landscape up close. Peggy’s Cove, Public Garden, Prince Edward Island, Lunenburg and Cape Breton are places to see before you leave. There are also many bars, pubs and restaurants in Downtown, which can make a student’s nightlife more interesting. The people of Nova Scotia are also very nice and helpful. Thanks to these people, I always find the right way in case I get lost.

Saint Mary's University Review (20)