Saint Mary's University Review (19)

Saint Mary’s University Review (19)

University: Saint Mary’s University

City: Halifax

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: Linguistics and cultural studies

Study type: semester abroad

I was in SMU for one semester. I had chosen the courses from the Department of Arts, which were mostly English and Linguistics. I can only say that the courses were held in small groups, almost like at school, very manageable, extensive and of very good quality. Compared to German universities, the workload is a bit higher, you often have to do various homework (apart from the numerous quizes and final exams) and write presentations. Check to see top 5 engineering courses in the USA.

Attendance is compulsory for the courses, and if you miss too many of them, you risk getting a worse grade at the end. It’s much more disciplined and you have to make a “something” effort if you want to keep up.

The professors I had were also very nice and understanding, if you don’t have the best knowledge of English and you have any questions or problems or just need more time for the assignments, they were really accommodating.

SMU is a great university and the courses are really doable if you want to. So don’t worry, just ask the people there if you don’t check something.
There are also many German students and German students there who have also got used to having a German regulars’ table every week. It may sound a bit disadvantageous for some, because of speaking German and such, but it is also an opportunity, next to the student residence, to make the first contacts if you feel totally lost at the beginning.

The dormitory is right next to the university, which is very convenient, but I stayed with a host family because I couldn’t get a place in the dormitory, so I had the opportunity to experience Canadian family life. (By the way, I found the host family on this site http: //, there are many apartments/rooms listed. Maybe it will help you).
My hosts were really super nice and helped me a lot with some initial difficulties. I have also taken many trips by car with them. But since Halifax is a port city, there is also a great opportunity to cruise along the coast or explore other port cities.

Halifax is not exactly a big city, but there are also numerous places downtown: bars, pubs, cinemas, museums, etc. There are also many sports facilities, there is also a fitness room on campus and a large stadium where soccer is constantly played.

Canada was a great experience for me and I hope it will be for you too. Good luck folks!!!

Saint Mary's University Review (19)