Saint Mary's University Review (1)

Saint Mary’s University Review (1)

University: Saint Mary’s University

City: Halifax

Country: Canada

Continent: North America

Field of study: business administration

Study type: semester abroad

Hello everyone,

I studied at SMU from January 06 to April 06. My major was business administration. My accommodation was at the YMCA, which I would not necessarily recommend. It’s a matter of taste, but heating failures in cold months and dirty rooms with saggy mattresses weren’t really my cup of tea, but it was cheap.┬áCheck to see study opportunities in Switzerland.

However, the study conditions at the SMU are much better than at German universities. In statistics, I sat in the lecture hall with 25 students. Marketing was one of the best courses I’ve had. Perfect structure of the timetable. Very good mediation of the material.

You should also take part in the Orientation Day at the SMU. You get useful information and a voucher worth $50 for a flight and $50 for the train at the SMU travel agency. I recommend everyone to take a trip to Toronto 4 days should be enough as 1 day goes into Niagara Falls alone which is about an hour drive from Toronto.

The Lowel Deck near the harbor is a great place to party. Good Irish pub with live music. Keith’s brewery is also not to be scoffed at. Only $2 for a beer.

You can shop very well in Sobeys, about 500 m from the SMU. There you will find everything your heart desires.

It should also be mentioned about the Canadians that everyone is very friendly and helpful. The professors also fully understand if you are not too good with the language.

Anyone who does not yet feel confident in their language should attend the afternoon courses at the ESCL language school near Spring Garden Road, as the SMU language center usually does not manage to get enough participants for an afternoon or evening course. Business English, Toefl, Toeic are also offered at the ESCL. A good thing for those who are not yet confident in English.

In conclusion, my knowledge of English has improved so much that I was able to conduct job interviews in English in Germany, which was not the case before. Last grade at high school 6 points in the basic course. Then 5 years break.
I was pleasantly surprised. I would do the semester in Halifax again and again, just not in the YMCA.;-)

Saint Mary's University Review (1)