Riga Stradins University Review (37)

Riga Stradins University Review (37)

University: Riga Stradins University

City: Riga

Country: Latvia

Continent: Europe

Field of study: medicine

Study type: Other courses

Encouraged by the testimonials on the MicroEdu website and by a Skype conversation with a dental student at Riga Stradins University, I decided to apply to this university in the field of human medicine. Certainly many questions and doubts arose before this decision, because it is initially difficult to assess whether the Latvian medical degree is equal to the German medical degree, what differences and challenges are to be expected and what living and studying in a city so foreign to me like Riga is for international students will be comfortable. For me, in my decision-making process and in my preparation, Exchange with the nice and always helpful ladies from MicroEdu very encouraging and profitable. This made the whole application process much more personal and questions were answered very promptly. At some point the confirmation from Riga actually came and I felt very well looked after and informed by MicroEdu. Check toppharmacyschools.org to see Portugal higher education.

Thanks to the “Green Apple” living tip in the Hotel Riga for us students, I didn’t have to worry about the living situation at all. I have now lived in the hotel for almost 2 semesters and for my part I can only say that it is a very comfortable affair. It couldn’t be more central, uncomplicated payment, fresh towels and a super good breakfast buffet… of course you have to an often uninviting kitchen with other parts… but apart from that, I find the “Apple” just ideal for getting to know and exchanging ideas with others in the early days.
But shared flats and apartments are also relatively easy to find for international students in Riga and there is a wide range of beautiful apartments. Attention should be paid to the regulation regarding heating costs, as these can be very expensive if they are not included in the rent.
I also found the orientation week at the beginning of my studies very pleasant. If you were lucky, you got one committed Latvian student from the RSU for every 3-4 international students who then brought the city, university and life in Riga closer.
But now to the “actual” – studying at the RSU : -) Exciting, exciting and international, these are the first impressions, followed by challenging and intense.

The intensive subjects at RSU, which of course you look forward to the most, are in the first two semesters: anatomy and biology, as well as histology. The great advantage of the RSU are the frequent intermediate tests and colloquia that are written, which ask for knowledge either weekly or at short intervals and thus encourage regular learning. Subjects such as chemistry, biochemistry and physics, which often make students sweat in Germany, are also taught at the RSU, but this is not the focus of the training and students in these subjects are able to pass these subjects. The weekly workload is enriched by ethics, Latvian, Latin, law and philosophy. These are subjects that go beyond the medical box and, for some, a welcome The run through the first two semesters is demanding, but can certainly succeed if you 1. connect with students from higher semesters, 2. have understanding and respect for the teaching methods of the lecturers and 3. learn as consistently as possible.

Of course, as in any course of study, it depends heavily on each individual how much, how little, how long or short-term you learn or have to and want to learn. In any case, the university in Riga offers the chance to find a good start in medical studies.

The international (international means mainly German, Swedish, Norwegian and also some other nationalities) study atmosphere in the course is a lot of fun and offers An exciting and stimulating atmosphere compared to studying in Germany – exactly what you want from studying abroad.

What else is there – yes, climate and weather in Latvia… I would also describe it as exciting and intense. Yes, the winter was cold, but it was also very beautiful, since many sunny days were among them and the icy cold was at least nicely irradiated. And in the summer, when the city wakes up from hibernation, Riga and its surroundings are just great. The city is full of tourists and offers plenty of opportunities for going out, sunbathing (in parks or by the nearby sea) and enjoying coffee – everything a student needs.
After a year in Riga, I can only endorse and recommend this city and the opportunity to study medicine here!

Riga Stradins University Review (37)