Regina, Canada

Regina, Canada

According to a2zgov, Regina is the capital of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, with more than a third of its population living in the city. The name comes from the Latin word regina, which means queen: it was in honor of the English Queen Victoria, in whose possession Canada was in the 19th century, that this city, built in 1882, was named.

Regina is located in the prairies, once experiencing drought. But thanks to the work of local residents who built dams and planted trees, it turned into a green oasis on the shores of a picturesque lake.

There is something to see here: museums of art, history and natural history, galleries, a science center, buildings of interesting architecture. The city often hosts holidays and festivals, and theatrical and concert life is in full swing. But the most interesting thing is the very nature of this place, natural and artificial landscapes, in particular, the largest central park in North America, Vascana.

How to get to Regina

According to areacodesexplorer, there are no direct flights from Russian cities to Regina; you can get there via the Trans-Canada Highway or by plane. The nearest major cities in Canada are Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg (from 1000 km), where leading airlines operate regular flights from Russia. The flight from any Russian city to Regina is quite long, you should prepare for the fact that the journey will last from 23 hours, taking into account 2-3 transfers. The shortest flight (just over 17 hours from Moscow Domodedovo, Lufthansa and Air Canada fly) is about 1.5 times more expensive. Flights from Vladivostok are operated via China and take more than a day.


Getting around the city is convenient by car or bus. For motorists, this is a real expanse, since the roads are wide enough, the markings and signs are in perfect order, there are many parking lots. In addition, the city is crossed by the Trans-Canada Highway, so it’s hard to get lost here.

16 bus routes will take you to any point of interest, transport runs strictly on schedule. Fans of hiking and morning jogging will appreciate the comfortable paths along the picturesque lake and clean city sidewalks. You can rent a bike for about 40 CAD per day. Online rental – at the office. company website (in English).

Regina Hotels

The choice of hotels in Regina is very wide, for every taste and budget. You can live like a king in a real Stone Hall Castle in a suite with a hot tub, self-catering, laundry and even a personal butler. But the pleasure will cost from 1500 CAD per night. Well-known chain hotels and local hotels have more democratic conditions: their rates vary in the range of 120-200 CAD per day. A decent hostel in the center can be found for 30 CAD.

Cuisine and restaurants

It seems that Canadians add their signature maple syrup to almost every dish. But this is not entirely true, because the basis of Canadian cuisine is European dishes brought by the great-grandmothers of local chefs and modified over 200 years of colonization.

The menu of Regina’s restaurants has an abundance of meat dishes: roast beef, steaks, steaks, mostly with potato side dishes.

With the choice of where to eat problems will not arise. There are also fast food eateries like McDonald’s with a combo for two (sandwich + french fries + drink) for 14 CAD, and bistros with Indian, Italian and other national cuisines, in which they will ask 20-30 CAD for a modest lunch with a drink for two, and reputable restaurants with good local cuisine (like the popular Victoria’s Tavern), where dinner for two will cost 80-100 CAD.

Attractions Regina

Since Canada is a country with the richest nature, you should definitely look at its best examples in the huge central park “Wascana” (off. site in English). On an area of ​​about 1000 hectares, 6 natural zones of the world are represented, in which animals brought from different countries live. Paths are equipped for walking, in winter they are turned into a skating rink. In Kiwanis Park there is an opportunity to look at the famous Canadian waterfalls, though smaller in size than Niagara. In summer, it’s nice to have a family vacation in nature, in the IPSC park (3400, Regina Ave) – swim, fry kebabs, ride a giant slide, and get in touch with representatives of the fauna of Canada.

It is interesting to continue acquaintance with the nature of the region at the Royal Museum of Saskatchewan (2445, Albert St). The Mackenzie Art Gallery features works by Canadian artists (3475, Albert St). The city also has the State Gallery of Fine Art (2078, Halifax St). The Science Center invites lovers of natural history, and the Palace of the Legislative Assembly, built in 1919 in the style of the English Renaissance, awaits architecture lovers. Take the time to visit the Royal Mounted Police Museum, if you’re lucky – you can get to the parade of horsemen (5907, Dewdney Ave).

Other spectacular holidays are also held: the annual folklore festival in Victoria Park, the Village Boat Festival, the Art Fair with master classes, dances and beer tasting. No less significant are music and theater festivals.

You can go shopping at the Cornwall Mall, with an abundance of goods from both Canadian manufacturers and well-known and exotic brands from around the world (2102, 11th Ave). And when saying goodbye to the city, do not forget to drive past the sculpture of the country’s symbol – the Canadian elk and take some memorable photos.

Regina, Canada