Entertainment in Vietnam

Recreation and Entertainment in Vietnam

Beach Holiday

Vietnam and practically from all sides are washed by the waves of the South China Sea. This is what explains such a wide popularity of beach holidays in the country. Clean warm sand on the coast, stretching along the entire territory Vietnam, mild weather and comfortable hotels are filled with tourists all year round. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Vietnam.

The beaches of such resorts as Nyachang and Da Nang are the most popular.


Vietnam will appeal to outdoor enthusiasts as well. The most popular water activities here are diving, surfing and fishing.

For those who want to take a break from the beach, most of the resorts on the coasts are equipped with golf courses. Thrill-seekers can ride elephants, horses or visit a snake farm.

Diving in Vietnam is one of the cheapest in the world. This is what attracts thousands of diving enthusiasts from all over the world to the country. The best diving resorts in the country include Nyachang (Wail Island), Con Dao and Phu Koo Islands. It is best to dive in Nyachang from March to October, and on Phu Koo from November to March.

Only Vietnam has the world’s only five-star Jeremy Stein Diving Center, which includes 5 underwater bases. Two of them are located in Nyachang, one each – on the islands of Phu Koo, Wale, and Con Dao.

Fans of exotic sports should visit the town of Mui Ne. Only here you can ski on sandy hills.

Vietnam  (Danang, Nha Trang) give tourists the opportunity to visit clubs and discos.

Family holiday

Those wishing to relax away from the noise and sets should visit Phanthiet. This resort features endless sand dunes surrounded by thickets of palms and pines. Phan Thiet rightfully deserved the fame of ” Vietnam Hawaii”. Surfing, kiting, sailing and fishing make the holiday here unforgettable.

Ski holidays

For lovers of winter recreation, Vietnam offers to visit the resort of Sapa. It is here that the starting point for climbers who plan to conquer the top of Phan Si Pang, the highest mountain in Vietnam and Indochina.


Along with the ubiquitous spa resorts, there are balneo-mud treatment complexes and traditional Vietnamese medicine is widely used, including acupuncture and herbal treatment.

Among the well-known health resorts in Vietnam and allocate Phan Thiet and Nha Trang. There are healing mineral springs and deposits of healing mud.

Anyone can take the procedures in the nearest SPA center.


History of Vietnam is rich in historically important actions, wars and battles. There are thousands of monuments of architectural and cultural heritage in the country. Any of the cities, be it Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hue or Hoi An – each of them has retained a particle of its past.

Arriving on vacation in Ho Chi Minh City, pay attention to the Notre Dame de Saigon Cathedral, and the famous botanical garden. No less interesting are the Museum of History and War Relics, Dam Shen Park, the Kuti tunnels, as well as the local zoo and theater.

In Hanoi, take a look at Ko Loa, visit the historical and cultural complex Vietnam a, on the territory of which the first Vietnamese university and the Temple of Literature are located. There are many temples and pagodas, among which the Hanoi Cathedral stands out, as well as thousands of other cultural monuments.

Hue is famous for its Forbidden Purple City, which played the role of the private chambers of the emperor and his concubines. Here are the tombs of the emperors and the Thai Hoa Palace. Be sure to visit Thien Ma Pagoda and the Citadel.

Vietnam has amazing nature. There are many waterfalls (Kamchi) on its territory, there is a beautiful West Lake and Xuan Huong Lake. Be sure to take a walk in Thong Nyat Park, which hosts the Flower Festival, visit the Chua Mot Kot pagoda and Love Valley.

Entertainment in Vietnam