Entertainment in United States

Recreation and Entertainment in United States

Beach Holiday

Almost all US beaches are concentrated in California. Swimming is not possible everywhere, so the rest must be carefully considered. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in United States.

The California North Coast has many attractions, but the water is cold for swimming, even in the summer. The same is true in the central part. But in the south of the coast are the best beaches in the country, stretching from San Diego to Malibu.

Most popular beaches:

Malibu. This beach has a very beautiful view of the ocean. The water temperature is not too high, however, it is quite suitable for swimming.

Santa Monica and Venice Beach. These beaches are very similar to the Californian beaches shown in Hollywood movies.

La Hoya. This beach is located at a distance of 23 kilometers from San Diego. Beach service is top notch. You can also walk along the coast and admire the beautiful views.

Hermos. Hermosa is one of the ten best beaches in the States. Here you can fish, build sand castles, watch dolphins and pelicans, watch the sunset and, of course, swim

Corona Del Mart State. A beach with calm waters and soft sand. Perfect for swimming and picnics.

Also in terms of beach holidays, not the last place is occupied by Hawaii. Here you can swim almost everywhere and all year round – the water temperature never drops below +24°C.


Surfing is a very popular sport in the USA. Almost the entire population of the country is engaged in it.

Beginner surfers can try their hand at Del Mar and Carpinteria, while more experienced surfers should visit Huntington Beach, Santa Cruz and San Clemente. Waves as high as 15 meters can be found at Maverick’s at Pilar Point. Complex waves in this place are due to underwater rocks.

In general, there is probably no such sport that would not take root in the USA. Here you can do anything – from aerobics to football. Baseball and golf are especially popular.

Ski holidays

There are more than 300 ski resorts throughout the United States, and they are almost everywhere: from California to New England. There are four cozy resorts in the Colorado mountains: Keystone, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek and Vail. The thickness of the snow cover is more than 8 meters. Accommodation prices are very moderate, there are many shops, bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

The Appalachians are home to the oldest of the country’s ski resorts. The best of them:

Killington – several sports parks, about 200 slopes and more than 30 lifts.

Lake Placid – 30 trails, snowboarding and cross-country skiing, and several Olympic-level facilities.

Whiteface – 67 slopes, 11 lifts.

The skiing season runs from October to May.

Family and children’s rest

Universal Studios park. This park, owned by Universal, features TV and movie making, uncovering action movie stunts, and rides on Shrek, Back to the Future and Jurassic Park rides. The most famous show of this park is the continuation of the Terminator with robots and stereoscopic effects.

Disneyland park. Disneyland in America is the first such park in the world. It is divided into 8 parts with more than 60 rides. Every day there are various entertainment programs and shows. The parade of Disney cartoon characters – Donald, Mickey Mouse and many others – is perhaps the most memorable sight. Every day ends with fireworks.

Sea world park. In this park, you can watch the inhabitants of the ocean depths: penguins, walruses, killer whales, sharks and many others. Watching the tutorial and animal shows is also a very exciting and interesting experience. Also, the park cannot do without rides on a marine theme. But the main feature of the park is Helicopter Flight over the Arctic, an attraction that simulates a dangerous journey.


Washington. Washington is the capital of the USA. The city got its name in honor of the first President of the United States – George Washington. This city itself is a real monument of architecture. Here are located such important buildings as the White House, the Pentagon, the Capitol and many others.

New York. New York is the largest and most famous city in the USA. At the entrance to the city bay, you can see the Statue of Liberty donated by the French – the main national symbol of the United States. There are many other famous attractions in the city. Now New York is the main political, economic, cultural and scientific center of the country.

Los Angeles. Los Angeles is a real huge tourist center. Hollywood, Disneyland, exhibitions and museums are not all that can be found in this city.

Hollywood. Hollywood is an area in Los Angeles, which, of course, is immediately associated with cinema. Many actors live here and there is a huge number of film studios. On the famous walk of fame, also located here, more than two and a half thousand five-pointed stars are immured with the names of famous movie artists written on them.

Chicago. A special attraction of this city is the Institute of Arts – a large museum with a rich collection of works by French impressionists and artists of the 14th century. Also near the city is Niagara Falls.

San Francisco. San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the entire country. Here are attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the famous Altcatraz prison and many others.

Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon, located in western Arizona, is the largest river canyon in the world and one of the top attractions in the United States. Rafting in Colorado and excursions over the canyon by helicopter are very popular. Yaki Point is the best place to see the canyon.

Entertainment in United States