Entertainment in Tunisia

Recreation and Entertainment in Tunisia

Beach Holiday

The Mediterranean Sea, on the coast of which Tunisia is located, gave him many clean sandy beaches. The coastline has a length of more than 1000 km. The busiest beach areas are located in the east of the country (the area from Hammamet to the island of Djerba). See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Tunisia.

North Tunisia is distinguished by wild, diverse nature, the beaches here are interspersed with rocks. To the south is the Sahara desert.

Popular beach resorts: Hammamet, Monastir, Sousse.



Diving in Tunisia is not inferior to Egyptian, but at the same time, it boasts a variety of inhabitants of the underwater world. Diving into the sea, you will see groupers, groupers, crucians, breams, shrimps, squids and octopuses. The best place for diving is Tabarka – here is the largest coral reef in the Mediterranean. The country’s largest diving center has been built on the coast. Also popular with beginner divers are Port El Kantaoui and Mahdia, Sousse, Hammamet and Jurba Island.

For beginners, weekly diving courses are held here, after which an international CMAS certificate is issued. The cost of training is 175 dinars.


Hunting for wild animals is allowed in Tunisia. To shoot them, you need to purchase a hunting license. The service is paid, the cost of the document varies depending on the list of animals allowed for shooting. Hunting for fallow deer and deer is strictly prohibited in the country.

A fee ranging from 100 to 2000 dinars is charged for issuing a permit. Documents are processed within 30 days, the license is valid for up to 3 months.

Hunting is allowed only in groups, and the more people in it, the cheaper the organizational fees.

Main hunting seasons:

25.09 – 29.01 – you can hunt mongooses, genet, foxes and jackals

25.09 – 23.04 – for wild boars

27.11 – 19.03 – for thrushes and starlings


Equipped golf courses in Tunisia are located all the way from Tabarka to Djerba. Both professionals of this sport and beginners who picked up a club for the first time will find a suitable track here. Golf clubs in the country provide all the necessary sports equipment, as well as conduct training courses for beginners.

Famous golf clubs are located in cities such as Tabarka (“El Morjane”), Carthage (Chotrana2 – La Soukra), Hammamet (Yasmine and Golf Citrus), El Kantaoui, Monastir (Route de Ouerdanine), Djerba Island ( Djerba Midoun).

Sea trips

For tourists in Tunisia, special marine entertainment programs have been developed. While sailing on a yacht, you will find swimming in the open sea, fishing and much more.

Among the stops and ports of Tunisia, Tabarka, Sidi Bou Said, Bizerte, La Goulet, the port of El Kantawi, Kelibia, Yasmine Hammamet, Monastir, Sousse, Mahdia, Zar-zis, Gabes, Houmt Souk are popular.

horseback riding

In Tunisia, you will take a trip on the famous Arabian horses, as well as visit special hotels and clubs that keep these noble animals.

Children’s rest

For children in Tunisia, their own amusement park is open – the Scheherazade Museum “1001 Nights”, located in the resort of Tozeur.

In Hammamet you will find the Flipper water park and Carthage Land Disneyland, an ice skating rink. A 20-minute drive from the city is the Friger Park Zoo, which contains elephants, tigers, giraffes, panthers, lions, monkeys, crocodiles, ostriches, etc. in open enclosures.

In Sousse, the Aquapalace water park, the Oasis Park El Kantaoui botanical garden and the Hannibal Park amusement park work for tourists. A ticket to the water park costs from 5 to 15 dinars, visiting time is not limited.


Thalassotherapy is a popular form of relaxation in Tunisia e. Wellness centers are located throughout the country. They offer each tourist to undergo an individual course of treatment. Main services: Charcot shower, seaweed wraps, inhalations and massages. The procedures will relieve pain from the joints, cleanse the skin and help the body restore tone. Prices for the services of specialists of the centers range from $ 100 for a complex of 4 procedures.

The best thalassotherapy centers are located in Hammamet and Sousse.

Night life

With the onset of evening, entertainment events for tourists start in hotels and restaurants. Competitions, wine tastings, dances and much more are held. There are nightclubs throughout the country, which you can visit for a nominal fee of 7-10 dinars. Opening hours of discos from 23-24 hours to 4-5 am.

Excursion tourism

Tunisia will also be of interest to fans of sightseeing tours. Main attractions:

Ruins of Carthage. Among the ruins of the ancient city you will find mosques and temples of the Middle Ages, the famous amphitheater and Birsa hill, as well as a number of other architectural monuments.

In Kairouan you will visit the main mosque of the country and will be able to explore the ruins of the ruler’s palace in the suburbs

The Sahara Desert is the most mysterious and amazing part of the country.

The ancient city of Dugga (4th century BC). Here are preserved: a triumphal arch, a mausoleum built in honor of three gods (Juno, Jupiter, Minerva), a Roman bath, etc.

In El Jem (it is located between Sfax and Sousse) you will visit the building of the Colosseum

The most significant monuments of Tunisian culture are located in the cities: Tunis, Sousse, Kairouan, Monastir, Sfax and Mahdia.

Entertainment in Tunisia