Entertainment in Sweden

Recreation and Entertainment in Sweden

Beach Holiday

In Sweden, you can find many good places for a good beach holiday. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Sweden.

In Gothenburg, not far from the center, there are granite beaches. Southern Sweden provides extensive opportunities for beach lovers. Picturesque bays and beautiful beaches are located on the islands of Gotland and Öland. In the provinces of Halland and Skåne, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, you can find long sandy beaches with dunes and plenty of entertainment for adults and children. The resorts of Halmstad, Falkenberg and Varberg are especially popular.

The city of Malmö in the province of Skåne has a particularly large number of beaches. Here you can visit the beach for nudists, find an area for tourists with dogs and even for the disabled. The most famous beach of the resort is Ribbersborg with a length of more than 2 km. There is also a wooden swimming complex Ribersborg Kallbadhus, which is more than a century old. Outside of Malmö, you can visit the cozy beach areas of Skaneer Falsterbo, Ljunghusen, Stenhammaren and Stenshuvud.

Good beaches can also be found in the capital Stockholm. There is a fairly clean Lake Mälaren, as well as the islands of Longholmen and Djurgården with beautiful nature reserves and beach areas.


Alpine skiing is the most attractive tourist attraction in Sweden. The real ski center of Sweden is the resort of Sälen in the south of the Swedish mountains. Tourists with children come here with pleasure. The trails are wide and gentle, there are many ski schools. The resort includes such ski areas as Lindvalen with a children’s park, secluded Högfjelet, Tandadalen with difficult slopes and noisy nightlife, Hundfjelet with a special children’s track and Klappen with a fun park and half-pipe.

A well-known ski area is the Ore resort, which is distinguished by the best lift system in Northern Europe, a variety of pistes with a length of at least 100 km, as well as abundant snow from November to May. The resort consists of four villages.

Are Byu is the center of the resort. There are easy and difficult tracks, as well as those designed for slalom and downhill. There is also the bulk of hotels, boutiques and entertainment. The Duved resort is attractive for skiers, snowboarders and families looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday.

The village of Ore Bjornen is protected from the winds by the slopes of the mountains, so it is the warmest of all the resort towns. There is a kindergarten here. Tegefjell attracts young people and snowboarders. There is a fan park and professional instructors.

We should also mention the resort of Idre in Western Sweden, which welcomes families with pleasure and offers children’s entertainment, a water center and a ski school.

The western archipelago near Gothenburg was chosen by fans of boat trips. Canoeists and kayakers are actively found in the Dalsland Canal. On the beaches of Halland, surfing and windsurfing are practiced. With steady winds and shallow shores, Apelviken in Varberg as well as Möllbüstrand, Thylesand and Schrea have become the most popular destinations.


Sweden is a very beautiful country that always pleases tourists with a wealth of natural beauties, historical sights and national holidays and festivals.

The capital and largest city of Sweden is Stockholm. In the old district of the city of Gamla Stan, it will be interesting to look at the Royal Palace and the adjacent Armory and Treasury. In addition, you can admire the German Church, the Nobel Museum, the House of Elders, the Knight’s House, etc. The attention of the guests is attracted by the spectacular procedure of the daily changing of the guard.

The surroundings of Stockholm are famous for places under the protection of UNESCO. Skugschurkugården Cemetery is an example of modernist landscape architecture, the Swedish royal family lives in Drottningholm Palace, which adjoins the park and the Northern Versailles Theater, and the ancient Viking settlement of Birka is located on the island of Björkö. The panoramic platform “Eriksson’s Ball” in the south of the city, located on top of a spherical structure 130 m high, has gained great fame.

Stockholm is famous for its huge variety of museums. On the island of Sheppsholmen there is the Museum of Modern Art, the Architectural and East Asian Museums, and on the island of Royal Djurgården there is the Skansen ethnographic museum, and the beloved Unibakken, dedicated to the world of fairy tales by the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren.

In the Vasastan district of Stockholm, a monument was erected in memory of the jazz singer Monika Zetterlund, built in the form of a bench that plays the songs of the performer to everyone who sits on it.

The city of Malmö deserves attention. In the cozy old center, the abundance of squares will delight: Stura-Toget, Gustav Adolf, David Hull. The main attraction of the city is the 190-meter skyscraper Turning Torso. From here you can also see the beautiful Oresund Bridge, which connects the city with the coast of Denmark.

The city is also widely known for its Slottsparken and Kungsparken parks with more than a century of history, as well as the Queen Silvia Rose Garden, the Garden of Senses, etc. The Malmö Museums organization includes the Art Museum, the City Museum, the Maritime Museum, the Museum of Natural History, Science and Technology and a number others.

The symbol of the city of Gothenburg is the picturesque building of the Gothenburg Opera with an excellent view of the river. Trips to the 17th-century Elvsborg fortress and the 18th-century castle Gunnebu are popular. The forest- covered Slottsskogen Park with its zoo is a favorite place for locals to walk. Also noteworthy are the National Reserve Delshö, the Botanical Garden in the north of the city, as well as the largest amusement park in Northern Europe Liseberg.

Museums are represented by the richest Gothenburg Museum of Art, the Röhss Museum of Design and Applied Arts, as well as the Universeum Museum of Scientific Discoveries and Technology.

Festivals and holidays

Sweden hosts many festivals and festivities, which will be interesting to look at for any tourist.

From January 24 to 28, the Snow Festival is organized every year in the northern city of Kiruna.

In Jokmokk at the beginning of February, you can get to the Sami winter fair.

In April, Stockholm hosts the Northern Gardens Fair, as well as a film festival for children’s films. The May Salmon Festival in Karlshamn is the country’s biggest fishing event, and the Mensteros Blues Festival and the Stockholm Marathon begin at the same time, attracting runners and spectators from all over the world.

In June, the Gärdesloppet race takes place, during which exhibitions of cars, aircraft and yachts are open. During Try Stockholm Week, all the city’s restaurants present their best dishes to an independent audience. This month also hosts the Eurocard Gotland Runt, the Sweden Rock Festival in Bleking and the Midsummer Festival, which is accompanied by dancing around the May Pole.

Among the July celebrations, the most popular is Victoria Day, which is celebrated on the island of Öland. It is also worth visiting Karlshamn Baltic and the festival of sexual minorities.

The end of August is marked by the Baltic Music Festival in Stockholm. September 25-28 Gothenburg hosts the International Book Fair. World famous Nobel Day, when the Nobel Prizes are awarded in various fields of science. The large-scale musical and theatrical festival “Gothenburg Party” takes place every summer in Gothenburg. The Gothenburg Film Festival, tourism and environmental exhibitions, as well as the world junior football championship Gothia Cap also come here.

In August, the Medieval Week (Gotland), the Jazz Festival (Gothenburg), the golf championship, and the festival in Malmo, which takes the form of a giant theatrical party, start.

Entertainment in Sweden