Entertainment in Sri Lanka

Recreation and Entertainment in Sri Lanka

Beach Holiday

The beautiful sandy clean beaches of Sri Lanka stretch along the entire coast of the island for hundreds of kilometers. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Sri Lanka.

One of the most popular beaches in the country is Mount Lavinia. Golden sand, warm sea, stalls with refreshing drinks and souvenirs make this place ideal for relaxation. Also on the beach there are beach houses, which can be rented for a day if desired.

The sandy beaches of the Trincomalee resort, stretching for several kilometers, are a great place for families with children. Along the coast there are many picturesque quiet coves that protect swimmers from the wind.

Trincomalee’s busiest beach is Uppuveli, which is located just six kilometers from the city. You can get to the beach by rickshaw or taxi. And 16 kilometers from the city is the beautiful Nilaveli beach, which is perfect for people with average incomes.

Arugam Bay Resort provides its guests with a large sandy beach – an ideal place for families with children and inexperienced swimmers.

The magnificent sandy beach, located in the village of Negombo, is a great place for lovers of both beach holidays and seafood dishes, which can be tasted here in numerous taverns.


The unique underwater world and many beautiful sandy beaches glorify Sri Lanka as the world’s largest seaside resort.

Most of the resort areas of Sri Lanka offer their guests a variety of water sports: water skiing, windsurfing, sailing, yachting and boating, scuba diving and much more.

An excellent place for diving is Hikkaduwa. Not far from the beach you can see a beautiful coral reef and the remains of sunken ships.

Surfers should visit Pottuvil Point Beach, located in the resort area of Arugam Bay, which is one of the ten best places for surfing in the world.

Paragliding, deep-sea fishing, golf, cycling, hiking, hiking and much more are also popular for outdoor activities in major cities of the country.


Sri Lanka is one of the oldest countries in the world. The island has many historical monuments that are now protected by UNESCO, as well as a huge number of interesting places closely associated with the name of the Buddha.

One of the natural monuments of the country is Sigiriya, which is a lonely remnant mountain. On the top of the mountain, you can observe the palace-fortress of King Cassial, which has preserved unique frescoes that adorned the interior of the palace.

At the foot of Sigiriya is a monastery of the Mahayana sect, which includes meditation halls, cave temples, ponds and flowering gardens.

A sacred place for the country’s Buddhists is Mihintale hill, where the remains of an ancient temple complex are located. Also of interest is Adam’s Peak, on which, according to legend, Adam and Eve lived after they were expelled from Paradise.

Also the most popular places for tourists in Sri Lanka are Dambulla cave temples, which contain countless Buddha statues and unique wall paintings of the 5th-18th centuries.


The city of Colombo is one of the largest port cities in the Indian Ocean. In the Fort area, you can observe a large number of mansions, which are excellent examples of colonial architecture of the 18th-20th centuries.

The city is worth visiting on Galle Face Green – a seaside park square, the Yami-ul-Affa Mosque, the Presidential Palace, the old lighthouse and clock tower, the National Museum, Central Park, Vidyalankara Buddhist University and Art Gallery.

The old colonial and shopping districts of the city have managed to preserve their unique flavor thanks to their churches, crooked and narrow streets, canals, small parks and shopping areas.

The main attention in the capital deserves numerous temples and churches, among which it is worth highlighting: Buddhist monasteries – Gotami Vihara, Vaijyaramara, Dipaddutaramaya, and Hindu – Bambalappitiya, Kottahena, Kochchikade and Tettah, mosques – Afar Juma and Dawatagaha, Christian churches – St. Andrew, St. Perth, St. Lucia, as well as the Scottish Presbyterian Church and others.


Kandy is a beautiful city nestled among the hills 116 kilometers from Colombo. On the outskirts of the city, you can observe the main shrine of Sri Lanka – Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

In the city, it will also be interesting to visit the Kandy Museum and Udawatakelle Sanktauri, a bird shelter.

In the suburbs of Kandy – Peradeniya, it is worth visiting the Botanical Garden, and in the suburbs of Pinnawala elephant nursery, from where elephants are delivered to major zoos in the world.


Anuradhapura is not only the oldest capital of the country, but also a holy city. Here is the largest monastery complex Abhayagiri, which has managed to survive to this day, and in the courtyard of one of the monasteries there is a “Buddha tree”, surrounded by a golden fence.

Also of interest are the sacred Buddhist stupas of Jetavana, Tuparam, Ruvanveliseya, Ruvanaveli, which, by the elegance of carving and the skill of the builders, are real masterpieces of ancient architectural art.

Festivals and holidays

The country is replete with a number of religious festivals and holidays, most of which are “internal events” for certain religious rural communities and groups, that is, the dates of their holding are not known to tourists. Also, some holidays do not allow the presence and participation of tourists.

The most popular holiday in the country is Kandy-Esala-Perahera dedicated to the tooth of the Buddha. This ten-day ceremony is held annually in July-August, accompanied by many events.

The second important holiday in the country is Duruthu Perahera, which marks the day of the Buddha’s arrival in Sri Lanka. The holiday is held in January in the main capital of the country. On the same days, the annual traditional Navam parade takes place, which ends at the walls of Gangaram, the main Buddhist temple.

On February 4, the whole country celebrates Independence Day, which is accompanied by numerous colorful parades, theatrical and dance concerts and performances.

In March-April, the New Year is celebrated cheerfully and noisily. These days you can watch exciting elephant races and a variety of sporting events.

In May, the traditional Besak is celebrated – one of the main Sikh holidays in the country. This day marks the beginning of the Hindu new year.

In April-May, it is worth visiting Buddha Jayanti – the main Buddhist holiday, which is widely celebrated in the northern part of the country.

In July-August, Vel, a Hindu festival, takes place in Colombo, which is celebrated in honor of the arrival of the chariot of Skanda, the god of war.

In Katagarama, in July-August, the Katagarama Festival is held, which is accompanied by ritual shocking ceremonies and religious performances.

Popular holidays among the Muslims of the island are Eid ul-Azha – the feast of sacrifice held in April-May, Mawlid al-Nabi in May-June, Tajiya in May-June, Barah Wafat in October, Ramadan.

Entertainment in Sri Lanka