Entertainment in Seychelles

Recreation and Entertainment in Seychelles

Beach Holiday

Beach holidays are the main type of holiday in the Seychelles. All major islands have both well-equipped and completely wild and deserted beaches.

Thanks to the subequatorial climate, you can swim in the local waters all year round. Only in the rainy season it can be dangerous – on some beaches at this time the sea is very rough.┬áSee toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Seychelles.

The main island of the archipelago – Mahe – is simply replete with various beaches. Among them are Bon Vallon and Grand Anse. Some of the island’s beaches, such as Anse Intedanse, are not suitable for swimming, but they are distinguished by beautiful scenery.

The beaches of Praslin Island are not so numerous, but they are also very good. The best beach is Anse Lasio. There are many deserted beaches on Praslin.

But the coast of the island of La Digue is almost one continuous beach. Almost all the beaches of the island are crowded, with the exception of remote beaches in coves. It is usually very quiet here. It is better to swim there only during the dry season.

There are only seven beaches on Fregate Island. Anse Victorine is considered the best.


In the Indian Ocean near the Seychelles, a huge number of fish and other marine animals live. In addition, numerous corals, caves and other interesting objects, together with an amazing wildlife, create excellent conditions for diving.

Diving is possible all year round, but the best time to do so is in May or October. The sea at this time is calm, the water temperature is high, and the visibility under water is more than 30 meters.

The best areas for diving are the surroundings of the large islands, as well as the waters of the main diving center – Desroches Island.

Almost all islands have diving centers. In them you can not only get diving lessons, but also rent diving equipment.

Anne’s Park on Mahe is very popular among divers. This park has a huge number of tropical fish and corals. There are also huge turtles here.

The most amazing and hard-to-reach place for diving in the Seychelles is the largest atoll in the world, Aldabara. Thousands of marine animals live in its waters, and the number and variety of corals is simply amazing. You can dive here only from a boat or a boat with a special permit.


Mahe Island. Mahe is the largest island of the Seychelles archipelago. The island has several attractions:

  • Victoria is the smallest capital city in the world. Here you can visit various museums, as well as look at a small copy of Big Ben. The city has two of the only traffic lights in the country, they are nowhere else.
  • Morne Seychelloi National Park. In this park you can see the unique flora and fauna of the island. Several types of palm trees, including the famous Coco de Mer, which bears fruit every 10 years with “sea coconuts”, giant turtles, black parrots – these are not all the wonders of this park.
  • Anne Marine Park. This park consists of 6 islets and a body of water between them. A very interesting excursion on a ship with a glass bottom.

Praslin Island. The main attraction of this second largest island in the Seychelles is the De Mai Valley. This park is the birthplace of an amazing plant – sea coconut. In addition, more than 20 unusual and rare species of plants grow here.

Island of La Digue. The visiting card of the island of La Digue is giant land turtles. On the island, you should definitely visit the Union Estate Park, where there is an aviary with these same turtles, as well as the Flycatcher Reserve – a real wild jungle with unique flora and fauna.

Festivals and holidays

The most beautiful and interesting festivals in the Seychelles are the “Creole Festival” and “Creole Language Week”. Both of them take place at the end of October. These festivals celebrate Creole culture – cuisine, crafts, theatre, dance, music and literature.

Entertainment in Seychelles