Entertainment in Philippines

Recreation and Entertainment in Philippines

The Philippines is a country with a colorful and interesting culture, as evidenced by numerous cultural attractions and ancient monuments. Coming to the Philippines, many make various excursions both around the islands with their exotic vegetation and a variety of fauna, and by sea.

Beach holidays are also popular here. Philippine beaches have a rare natural attraction, valued in most countries of the world. And the flow of tourists to the Philippines does not dry out, despite all the vagaries of the climate of this country. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Philippines.

The capital of the country – Manila, in addition to all the above advantages, has excellent shopping opportunities, since clothing collections from world trade brands are sold here at fairly low prices. The best area for shopping in Manila is the Makati area.

In addition, this is a country where such a sport and outdoor activity as diving is extremely developed.

Diving in the Philippines

Cebu Island allows diving enthusiasts to admire the unique underwater landscapes, look closely at large marine animals. The most popular dive sites are Pescador Island, Cape Saavedra, Cape Copton, Bas Diot, Tongo, Badian, Quattro, Capitancillo and Gato.

Boracay Island has 12 diving centers offering guests a wide variety of underwater trips. These include underwater excursions on the Sibuyan Sea, as well as reefs near Panagia, dives near the islands of Tablas, Romblon and Semirara. During underwater travels, you can see exotic species of tropical fish, as well as various types of corals.

Bohol Island is famous for its corals, which are a great pleasure to look at, appreciated by many tourists. In these places you can get acquainted with sunken ships, visit underwater caves and tunnels.

Mindoro Island has the country’s largest diving resort, Puerto Galera. Puerto Galera offers diving at over 50 dive sites. It is comfortable for both beginners and experienced diving enthusiasts.

Mactan Island is interesting for divers with a unique variety of marine life living here. The most popular dive sites are Costa Bella, Duckit Duckit, Kon-Tiki, Marigordon, Bas Coral, Santa Rosa, Hadsan and Ludo.

Panglao Island offers very comfortable conditions for first-time divers. Minimal currents allow beginner divers to feel calm. Such dive sites as Cape Arko, Napaling, Kalipayan are popular.

Palawan Island is a great place for those who appreciate secluded relaxation. From here you can take a rented boat to the Tubbataha reef, appreciated by divers, as well as diving and snorkeling enthusiasts will enjoy Honda Bay.

Entertainment in Philippines