Entertainment in Oman

Recreation and Entertainment in Oman

Beach Holiday

In Muscat, all beaches are covered with sand. City beaches are free to visit, there are practically no locals here, sun loungers and umbrellas are free. On the “wild” beach areas, entry into the water is often difficult due to the many coral reefs located right on the coast, so it is recommended to have special shoes.┬áSee toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Oman.

The largest island in Oman – Masirah – has a length of at least 70 kilometers. It is located somewhat south of the local Wahiba desert, 20 kilometers from the coast. On the island of Masirah, you can relax for several days in a row, enjoying the tranquility, pristine beach and picturesque vegetation. The island has a hotel of the same name with 18 rooms, built in 2005. There is also a restaurant serving good food.

In the east of the island there are all conditions for windsurfing and surfing. The waves here reach a height of 1-2 meters in June-September. Tourists can set up a tent on the beach. Among other things, the island has several small shops for purchasing the most necessary things. Most of the locals are engaged in the creation of nets for fishing and weaving. From the Muscat region, you can get here in at least a day.

The beach areas of Ras Madrak have proven themselves well, where shining white sand alternates with rocks and volcanic pebbles that have a black color.


In the desert areas, mountain ranges and wadis of Oman, tourists can engage in various extreme sports. To do this, you need to use an SUV and go to the campsite. The SUV will easily replace any other hardy car.

On the territory of the Sultanate, you can go rock climbing in the mountains of Jebel Ghul, Jebel Misht and Jebel Misfa, which are part of the Jebel Akhdar mountain range. These places can be easily reached from Nizwa. Some tour operators offer excursions there with experienced guides.

The most popular cave in Oman is Majlis al-Jinn. It is located in the province of Sharqiya, near Ibri. The main hall of this incredible cave is larger than the great Egyptian pyramids. For beginners, a visit to the al-Kittan cave near Ibri or Hoti near Zamra is recommended. Near the city of Salalah there is one of the largest caves in the world – Teik.

Horseback riding

At the local resort of al-Sawadi there are stables, here you can take walks along various routes. The Royal Stables in Seeb offer horseback riding training for memorable horse rides. There is also a riding school in Kurum Nature Park.

Mountain hikes

This option of outdoor activities, unlike rock climbing and speleology, does not require equipment. First of all, a tourist needs durable and comfortable shoes to move around the picturesque mountainous regions of Oman. In addition, you need to get a GPS-navigator and a map. Check out places to visit like the crater ridge of Wadi Nahr (Oman’s “Grand Canyon”). Those who prefer safe and proven walks with an organized group should contact a tour operator offering routes of various levels of difficulty. Remember: these walks require physical fitness and strong legs for climbing and descending the mountain slopes.

Spectator sports

On the territory of Oman, you can watch some spectacular sports, for example, horse and camel racing. These events are held on specially created fields in Salalah and Seeb. Most races take place on weekends and religious holidays.

On the banks of Batin you can visit the bullfights. This is the name given to the power bloodless competitions between bulls, held in the cities between Sohar and Barka. People do not take part in these battles, I only carry out the withdrawal of animals to the open area.

In the Sultanate you can take part in a boat trip where you will see whales and dolphins. Most often, tourists meet them near Fahal Island in the Muscat region or near the Musandam Peninsula (in the north of the state). During the walks, you may be offered to test yourself as a fisherman, and your catch will subsequently be prepared for you.

Water sports

The Omani coast, which has an impressive length, is perfect for water sports. New water centers are being set up near large local hotels for visitors. Especially popular are those created at expensive hotels Hyatt Regency, Al-Bustan Palace, Al-Sawadi Beach Resort and Muscat Intercontinental. Among other things, in large Omani hotels, windsurfing and sailing are in demand.

Diving and snorkeling

On the territory of the Sultanate there are 63 places (with registration) for diving. Divers come here year-round and are satisfied with their vacation. But remember: it is not recommended to visit Dhofar for the purpose of diving from June to September (during the monsoon rains). The best time for diving enthusiasts is spring and summer, when the water is clear and calm.

Large local hotels offer diving directly on site. The price includes a diving course, diving permit and equipment rental.

In addition to hotels, there are independent diving centers in Oman, for example, Bluzone and Oman Dive Center. In such centers there are courses for beginners and more experienced divers. Here you can become the owner of an international certificate in diving skills (PADI).

The best places for scuba diving in the state are the Damaniat Islands near the Al-Sawadi Beach Resort, a 45-minute drive north of the capital region. All comers can book diving courses, night dives or shipwreck dives at the hotel.

Memorable diving awaits tourists south of the Muscat region, in Bandar Jissa and Bandar Khairan. About 30 minutes drive and you can dive where the Mimouna wrecked and explore Ras Abu Daoud and the area off Fahal Island. A good option for scuba diving are the rocky shores of Dhofar and the rocky bays of Musandam.

Night life

Nightlife in Oman is not very active. Entertainment at night can only be found in establishments near hotels or hotel complexes. If you plan to visit nightclubs in Oman, you should not go to the Sultanate during religious holidays.

Excursion rest

Oman attracts travelers with local fortified forts (there are about half a thousand of them). Mirani Fort and Jalali are located in Muscat and are the most visited of them. Bahla Fort near the Akhdar Mountains is on the UNESCO list due to the length of the fortress walls for more than 11 kilometers. The mountainous areas in Oman are covered with dry riverbeds (wadis), along which roads are often laid. In the Wahiba desert, according to experienced travelers, you can see the highest dunes in the world.

On the territory of the state there are numerous protected national parks with rare animals – Arabian tahrs (threatened with extinction), Arabian wolves, oryxes, leopards, ash falcons and striped hyenas.

Among the important local religious monuments is the Sultan Qaboos Mosque. In the same place, among other things, there is the largest carpet in size, the weight of which is 21 tons.

Entertainment in Oman