Entertainment in Mauritius

Recreation and Entertainment in Mauritius

Beach Holiday

The beaches of Mauritius are its special attraction. Their diversity, exemplary cleanliness and a large number of hotels and entertainment nearby attract beach lovers to the country. Great spots for sunbathing can be found all over the island of Mauritius. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Mauritius.

The northern shores of Mauritius are distinguished by white sand and azure water of the beaches of Pereybere and Trou aux Biches, picturesque cliffs and quiet lagoons of the Point aux Piment area, as well as small secluded beaches of the town of Cap Maleret. The beaches of the resorts of Grand Gaube and Pereybere are very good. In the bay of Grand Baie there are beach areas formed by Cape Pointe aux Canonniers, as well as Mont Choisy and Trou aux Biches, a three-kilometer-long recreation area covered with white clean sand.

The southern coast of the island has both equipped beaches near the settlements of Blue Bay or Bel Ombre, as well as the picturesque, but unsuitable for swimming, Gri Gris beach. A truly wonderful place that attracts thousands of tourists every year is Blue Bay. Here you can relax for both couples and families with children, there is a marine park nearby.

In the west of Mauritius, the most famous beach destination can be called the small town of Flic-en-Flac, from which a whole range of beautiful beaches originates. It ends on the Morne Peninsula. For lovers of nature in a wild and pristine form, the beaches of Tamarin Bay are suitable.

The east of the country is known for luxurious hotels adjacent to no less luxurious beaches. For a comfortable stay, tourists go to Trou d’Eau Douce, to the island of Ile aux Cerfs or to Belle Mare beach with a length of at least 10 km. Nudist beaches in the country are banned.


There are almost more options for active recreation offered by Mauritius than historical attractions. Here you can choose any activity to your taste. Basically, these are sports related to the sea, as well as a variety of land activities.

The best offer of Mauritian beaches is diving. A whole scattering of various dive sites is located near Flic-en-Flac. Here you can go down into underwater caves, look at the underwater world of the Saint-Jacques strait and ships sunken in deep water.

The islands near the northern coast of the country are also considered excellent places for scuba diving. These are Couen de Mir, Ile Rond, Me aux Serpents, Gabrielle, Ile Plat, Ile d’Ambre. Experienced instructors always work here, so diving into the water column will be comfortable and safe not only for experienced divers, but also for beginners.

In the summer, the lagoon in the southern part of Mauritius, not far from Mahebourg, pleases with excellent diving. The most popular dive site is Blue Bay. To date, divers are actively traveling to the prestigious resort of Pointe de Flac and to the island of Rodrigue with its clusters of coral reefs. Many people prefer to dive near Roches Zozo because of its unusual underwater landscape with canyons and tunnels.

Mauritius is often chosen as a place for practicing different types of surfing: windsurfing and kitesurfing. The best waves are here in summer and autumn. An incomparable place for this sport is Tamarin Island with its wild beaches.

Snorkelling, kayaking, boating with a transparent bottom, through which all the beauties of the underwater kingdom are clearly visible, can be done at almost any of the many Mauritius seaside resorts. The bay of Grand Baie often organizes interesting yacht cruises.

Fishing, regular and deep-sea, can also be called a popular local entertainment. This truly exciting sport can be practiced in the southwestern bays stretching from the Riviere Marlin Noire to Morne Brabant, as well as on the island of Plat. Here fishermen can catch large specimens of blue marlin, hammerhead fish, tuna and barracuda.

On land, you can entertain yourself with golf, tennis, horseback riding, cycling and parachuting. The Leisure Village water amusement park is also interesting, and casinos are waiting for the most gambling tourists at some hotels. Interesting jeep safaris are often organized in the Casela Nature Park.


The cities of Mauritius are usually quite small in size, but there are quite enough sights for interesting excursions in them. In addition, the nature of the country pleases tourists with an abundance of picturesque corners.

Perhaps the greatest number of attractions can be found in Port Louis, the capital of the state. Here you can walk to the white and green Jumma Mosque of 1805, St. James Cathedral, the Mauritius Institute La Chassy Museum, the Museum of Photography, as well as the Postal Museum, Mask and Shell Museums. In addition, it will be nice to admire the Hindu-Tamil temple Maeswarat, sacred Indian giant peepal trees, St. Louis Cathedral and the ancient fortress of Fort Adelaide.

In the center of the city lies the Square of Arms with the official Government House and the Houses of Parliament. You can also visit the National Museum. Quite curious and the surroundings of the city. Here tourists will be taken to the ancient Pai estate, which has its own distillery and a museum of folk life, to the top of Pus, which offers a stunning panorama, as well as to a beautiful botanical garden. You can visit the church of St. Francis and the castle of Mont Plaisir in Pamplemousses.

Many business centers of Mauritius are concentrated in the city of Curepipe, built on the territory of the Central Plateau. Interesting here is the municipality, made in the traditions of colonial architecture, the building of the Royal College, reminiscent of Buckingham Palace in appearance, as well as the City Hall, a public library and a botanical garden with tropical plants.

Maheburg can be called quite an interesting city. The rich past of this place left Château Robillard Castle, Museum of National History, colorful sleepy streets. The confectionery factory and the Notre-Dame-des-Anges church are curious.

It is very interesting to go to the extinct volcano Trou aux Cerfs with a crater 85 meters deep or to Deer Island. The famous Turtle Bay is famous for the ruins of the ancient city of Balaklava. And Maheswarnath Shivala, the largest Hindu temple in the country, can be seen in the village of Triole.

The city of Moka, located not far from the capital, can please tourists with the former governor’s mansion Le Redute, the Eurek House, the Domaine-le-Paille cultural center, and the Gandhi Institute with the Folklore Museum of Indian Immigrants.

In addition to those listed, the places of Floreal, Rose Hill, etc. are interesting. Mauritian reserves and natural parks are beautiful. These are Volmar, the Makshabe relic forest, the national park with the beautiful name “Black River Gorge”, as well as the Riviera de Anguilles Park and many others.

Entertainment in Mauritius