Entertainment in Malaysia

Recreation and Entertainment in Malaysia

Beach Holiday

The coast of Malaysia has beautiful sandy beaches, which are ideal for a great vacation.

The beaches of Tioman, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, are great for relaxing and snorkelling. The coastal waters of the island are often visited by whale sharks, with whom vacationers like to swim – it is absolutely safe for humans. Soft warm sand, shady palm trees, a variety of wild plants, as well as the cool water of picturesque waterfalls create a special romantic mood on the island.┬áSee toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Malaysia.

The beaches of Borneo are famous for the lack of waves, as the coast is protected from them by coral islands. The beaches are perfect for families with children. You can get to the beaches by motorboat or small boats that constantly ply to the island.

The Langkawi archipelago is a great place to relax and the most popular resort in the country. The snow-white beaches of the islands of the archipelago and the purest blue water leave no one indifferent.

The golden beaches of Penang Island, which are located in the northern part of the island, are also popular among tourists. Beaches are considered the perfect place to relax. Cruises to uninhabited islands located near Penang are also offered.


The clear waters of the seas and the beautiful islands of Malaysia provide tourists with the best places for a variety of water sports.

One of the most attractive outdoor activities in Malaysia is diving.

Popular islands for diving are the islands of Sipadan, Perhentian, Layang -Layang, Redang, Pulau Kapas, Tioman, Pulau-Rusukan-Kesil, Pulau Raua, Pulau-Rusukan-Besar, Chebeh underwater caves, etc.

In addition to diving, Malaysian resorts also offer catamaran, boat and canoeing, sailing, water skiing, snorkeling and much more.


The Malay Peninsula and many islands, surrounded by the Java and South China Seas, are excellent historical and resort areas. Lush tropical greenery hides hundreds of places of worship and ancient temples.

Popular places for excursions in the country are Mulu National Park, with its limestone caves, recognized as the deepest in the world, Samongkok Nature Reserve, Abdul Rahman National Park and Niah Caves.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of the country and its largest financial trading center. Modern skyscraper buildings are located here in close proximity to ancient temples and beautiful parks.

The most popular sights of the city are: Petronas – Twin Towers, Menara TV Tower, Merdeka Square, Sultan Abdul Samad Palace, Masjid Jamek Mosque, Masjid Negara Mosque, National Gallery of Art, National Museum, etc.

Wildlife lovers should definitely visit Gardens by the Lake, which also houses the Orchid Garden, Deer Park, Butterfly Park and Hibiscus Garden. Notable is the National Zoo, which houses a large Aquarium.

You should also visit the traditional Malay villages located in the vicinity of the city, at the Scorpion Farm, Butterfly Farm, Pewter Factory, Botanical Garden, etc.


Penang Island is one of the most picturesque islands and popular resorts in the country. Popular attractions in the city are the ruins of Fort Cornwallis, built in 1786-1804, which can be observed in the central part of the city, as well as the old Chinese city, which has preserved small two-story houses and narrow streets.

Also noteworthy are Kuan Yin Teng Temple, St. George’s Church, Seri Rambai Cannon, Botanical Garden, Hu Kongsi Clan House, Penang Art Gallery and Museum, European Cemetery, etc.

On the island, you can also observe the Captain Kling Mosque, the Cameron Plateau, the Sri Mariaman Temple, built in 1883, the Kek Lok Si Temple, the Serpent Temple, the Buddhist temples of Wat Chaiyamangkalaram and Air Hitam and much more.


The island of Langkawi is the most popular resort and the largest island of the archipelago of the same name. The island has many beautiful natural attractions and beautiful beaches that attract millions of tourists from all over the world every year.

The most popular attractions on the island are the Telaga-Tujukh waterfall, numerous stalactite and stalagmite caves, the Telaga-Air-Panas hot lakes, the Gua-Cherita cave, with painted walls, the Durian-Perangin waterfall, the picturesque Pulau-dayang-Bunting lake, the Makhsuri mausoleum, the nature reserve Pulau-Singa-Besar and much more.

Fans of the underwater depths should visit Langkawi Underwater World, which is a large aquarium containing more than 5,000 species of freshwater and marine life. It will also be interesting to visit the “Parrot Garden”, a crocodile farm, a nature reserve on Singa Besar, Black Sands black sand beaches, etc.

Festivals and holidays

Malaysia is famous for its varied holidays, colorful and interesting ceremonies, which are mostly religious in nature.

The celebration of the European New Year takes place throughout the country, with the exception of states in which Muslims make up the bulk of the population. Hari-Raya-Pussa – the end of Lent, is celebrated in the country on the last day of Ramadan and is a non-working day. Muslims celebrate it in the home circle. Two months after the celebration of Hari Raya-Aidelfitri, the country hosts the Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

At the end of January in Malaysia, the Hindu holiday Thaipusam takes place – the worship of the god Murugan. The holiday is accompanied by bright solemn processions. In May, the Buddhist holiday Vesak is held, accompanied by many religious celebrations and colorful processions. At the end of November, the onset of the Indian New Year is celebrated, for a whole month oil lamps are lit everywhere, colorful events and prayer ceremonies are held.

In January-February, the Chinese New Year is celebrated, as well as the Jade Emperor Festival, which represents one of the most colorful celebrations in the country. The Lantern Festival and the Mooncake Festival are the favorite holidays of the Chinese people in the country. Both of these holidays are accompanied by costume processions, concerts, dances, kite competitions and colorful fireworks. Also of interest are the picturesque ceremonies held on the Cheng Beng holiday.

In May, the state of Sabah hosts the Kaamatan or “Harvest Festival”, where beauty contests, ritual ceremonies and dances are held throughout the day. Also in May, the Kota Belud region hosts the Kota Belud Tamu Besar, a mass tribal gathering accompanied by market performances, traditional ceremonies, costumed parades of medicine men and horsemen, as well as food and handicraft fairs.

At the end of May, Sarawak holds a Hawaiian holiday, which is accompanied by many different sports competitions, dances and a feast.

In July, the feast of St. Anne is held in Penang – for 9 days, majestic and colorful masses are held in the church of St. Anne, as well as night processions with lit candles. At the end of June, Malacca celebrates the feast of St. Pedro, the patron saint of fishermen.

In July, the Flower Festival is held in Kuala Lumpur, which takes place under street performances of dance groups and brass bands. And in September, the Malaysian Festival is held here, which is accompanied by an extensive program of various events.

Entertainment in Malaysia