Entertainment in Latvia

Recreation and Entertainment in Latvia

Beach Holiday

The beautiful sandy beaches of Jurmala stretch for 30 kilometers along the coast. Since the sea in these places is rather shallow, the beaches are ideal for families with children. During the beach season, you can meet a lot of vacationers, both locals and visitors. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Latvia.

A favorite place for young people are the beaches of Bulduri and Majori. Here you can rent jet skis and play beach volleyball.

Pumpuri Beach is an ideal place for windsurfers.

The country also has several official nudist beaches, which can be found on the Vizdem seaside, in the Balderai region, in Vecaki and at the Inčupe station.


The cities and resorts of Latvia provide their guests with excellent opportunities for extreme sports. The most popular are bungee jumping, aerodium, hot air ballooning, mountain boarding, boating, mini golf, horseback riding, paintball, bowling and more.

For lovers of cycling, the resort of Sigulda offers picturesque routes along the Gauja, to the ruins of the Krimulda castle and to the caves of Gutman.

Ski holidays

With a variety of natural landscapes and snowy winters, the country has many excellent ski resorts that offer excellent opportunities for winter sports.

Ski resort Baili today is one of the most popular resorts in Latvia. The resort provides excellent trails that are ideal for snowboarders and skiers of all skill levels.

Freestyle and snowboarding enthusiasts are recommended to visit the Kakisu Trase resort, which offers the steepest slopes in Latvia.

It is also worth visiting the beautiful slopes of the Reina Trase resort, where ski tournaments and competitions are held periodically. The resort also has a snow park.

The resorts are equipped with ski lifts, ski schools, sports equipment rentals, cafes, restaurants and guest houses.

The ski season in the resorts lasts from December to March.



Riga is the capital of the country and an ancient city founded in 1201. Today, the city is a real open-air museum, where you can observe many cultural and historical attractions.

It is best to start your acquaintance with the city from the old district of Vekrig, where you can see many old buildings. The most notable are the buildings of the Great and Small Guilds, the palace of Peter the Great, the “Cat’s House”, the buildings of the Yakovlev barracks, the Church of Our Lady of Sorrows, Rigas Pils, the Museum of Life in Riga, the Freedom Monument, Kalku and Rosen Streets, the Church of St. John, the Church of St. Blackheads, Tris Braly building, St. James Churchand others. Also in the city there are many museums that are definitely worth a visit.

It is also recommended to visit the Dome Cathedral, Viestura Garden, National Opera, Aqualandia Water Park and Riga Central Market.


While in Kuldiga, it is worth visiting the Stone Bridge, Venta Rumba Waterfall, Edole Palace, Dundaga Castle located in Talsi, Jaunmoku Castle, etc.


Cesis is one of the most picturesque towns in the country. The remains of ancient fortifications are interesting in the city, which can be observed on Palasta and Valnu streets, Cēsis Castle, New Castle, Palace Park, Victory Monument, St. John’s Church and much more.


Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia, located 230 kilometers from Riga. In the city, it is worth visiting the Daugavpils Fortress, the Church of Peter and Paul, the Orthodox Church, the Borisoglebskaya Church, as well as the Daugavas Loki Park and Stropsky Lake.

The surrounding areas of the city are also no less interesting. The most notable are the Kraslava church in Kraslava, the Catholic basilica and monastery in Algona, the Latgale Museum in Rezekne.


Today Sigulda is one of the most popular Latvian resorts. The city is home to the National Park, the ancient Turaida Castle, the ruins of the Sigulda Castle, the Turaida Lutheran Church, the estate of Prince Kropotkin, a sculpture park, etc.

Surroundings of the city are attractive with an ancient settlement on the Araisi Lake, Birini Castle, Igate Palace and the ruins of the Araisi Castle.


Ventspils is a major industrial and commercial center of the Kurzeme region. In the city it is interesting to visit Ventspils Port, Ventspils Castle, Seaside Park, Olympic Sports Complex, Museum of Fishing and Navigation and the parish church located near the city.

Festivals and holidays

Every year the country hosts a huge number of holidays, and most of them fall during the tourist season. More popular in the country is the National Song Festival, which takes place on the eve of Ligo celebrations.

Ligo is a special event. On this day, almost the entire population of the country goes to nature, special dishes are prepared.

In June in Riga you can visit “Gadatirgis” – a large fair of applied arts and folk crafts, and the International Festival of Organ Music, in August – “Cutty Sark Toll Ship Races” – an international regatta.

In July, the Opera Music Festival is held in Sigulda, the Festival of Early Music is held in Bauska Castle, the Rural Chapel Festival and the Beer Festival are held in Cēsis, Liepajas Dzintars and the Piano Music Festival are held in Liepaja in August, church celebrations are held in Aglona, in July Jurmala hosts KVN, “New Wave” and “Jomas Street Festival”, in August the festivals “Tu Esi Parmanits” and “Retro Jurmala” are held.

Every year, every city in the country hosts its own City Day, which is celebrated on a large scale. In Aluksne the City Day is celebrated in July, in June it takes place in Sabile, in August in Limbazi, Ludza and Orga, in September in Valmiera.


Due to the mild climate, coniferous forests located in the immediate vicinity of the resorts, and fresh air, the resorts of Latvia are an excellent place for the prevention and treatment of people suffering from respiratory diseases.

The most popular resorts in the country are the Amber Coast, Jurmala and Jaunkemmeri. Resorts mainly specialize in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, skin diseases, diseases of the digestive system, etc.

Entertainment in Latvia