Entertainment in Jamaica

Recreation and Entertainment in Jamaica

Beach Holiday

The northern coast of the island is perfect for a relaxing family holiday with children, as sandy white beaches are protected from waves by coral reefs.

The southern coast of Jamaica is heavily indented, so tourists prefer to rest on the northern shores of the island. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Jamaica.

The most popular beach resort in the country is the Montego Bay resort, located in the eastern part of Jamaica. On Doctor Cave Beach, in addition to the purest water and sandy beaches, there are pools with mineral water.

Another popular place is the Negril resort area, which has been actively developing since the 1960s. Bloody Bay is the resort’s main holiday destination.

It is worth visiting the beaches of the Ocho Rios resort, the beaches of James Bond and Boston Beach, as well as Twin Harbor Bay.


Jamaica provides its guests with excellent opportunities for outdoor activities. Rafting, diving and golf are especially popular here.

Fans of extreme recreation should go rafting – flat areas on the Rio Grande are interspersed with frequent rapids, where a light, smooth current is replaced by a swift stream passing between the stones. Rafting is carried out on a small bamboo raft.

The underwater world of the Caribbean Sea is very diverse and very beautiful, which is why many diving fans from all over the world come here every year. Huge coral reefs, shimmering with all colors, froze motionless in the depths. Here you can also see many small colorful fish swimming between the corals. But of course, sunken ships are of great interest to divers.

Each resort on the island offers divers a full range of necessary services: experienced instructors, excellent diving equipment and delivery to the dive site. The best place for diving is the east coast of Jamaica.

For golf lovers, the island has first-class golf courses surrounded by dense tropical greenery. It regularly hosts LPGA and PGA tournaments. For beginners, there are courses organized by professional players. The most notable courses are Tryall Golf, located in the west of Montego Bay, and Brezees Golf, located in the western part of Ocho Rios.

Also, everyone can take part in helicopter tours, jungle safaris, or do paragliding.


Jamaica is one of the most original and picturesque resort areas in the Caribbean. The original Jamaican culture, reggae music, Rasta culture, as well as picturesque mountainous landscapes, hundreds of kilometers of beaches, waterfalls and a rich underwater world are the main “trump cards” of the island.

One of the popular attractions of the island is the National Park, located in the southern part of the island. The park is located on the coast of the Black River. Today, here you can observe the pristine nature of the island, carefully preserved by the locals. Near Mount Nassau, not far from the park, there are several picturesque waterfalls where swimming is allowed. The most popular is Dance River Falls.

An interesting excursion to the Belvedere estate, which will tell about the times of slavery on the island. Also here you can see the old dam, which for three centuries has kept the waters of the river in the surrounding areas of the estate.

It is also worth visiting karst caves, of which there are more than three hundred on the island. The stalagmites and stalactites in the caves are painted in gray, yellow and pink tones, giving them a magical look. Unfortunately, most of the caves are not accessible for inspection due to underground lakes, rivers and waterfalls, some of them are available for research, and Windsor Cave is open for tourists.

The Blue Mountains also deserve attention with the highest point on the island – Blue Mountain Peak. The peak reaches a height of 2147 meters. It is also home to the coffee planter’s estate, where the island’s famous Blue Mountains coffee is made.


The city of Kingston, founded in 1692, is today the capital of Jamaica. Kingston is not a very well maintained and rather poor city, consisting mainly of dilapidated buildings of the colonial era. However, the modern part of the city is quite clean, and many new buildings have been built here.

Of particular interest are the National Gallery in the Roy West Building, which exhibits works by local artists, the Conference Room, the Institute of Jamaica, the Museum of National History, the Royal House, the Museum of the Armed Forces.

Also worth visiting are the Bob Marley House Museum, the African Museum, the Zoological Museum, the Geology Museum, St. Catherine’s Cathedral, the Archeology Museum, the Castleton Botanical Garden, the Natural History Museum, the Boone Oasis Green Area, the National Dance Theatre, the Devon House shopping district and much more..

Holidays and festivals

On Christmas Eve, Jamaica hosts Jonkanu festivities, which are accompanied by musical performances and masquerade processions. Carnival takes place in the capital in February-April. In July-August, the bright Reggie Sunsplash carnival takes place in Ocho Rios, and the Reggie Samfest carnival takes place in Montego Bay. In February, the Pinaple Cap regatta is held annually.

Entertainment in Jamaica