Entertainment in Indonesia

Recreation and Entertainment in Indonesia

Beach Holiday

Both in winter and in summer, high water and air temperatures remain in Indonesia, so Indonesian resorts are the best choice for beach lovers. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Indonesia.

The most popular among tourists are the gently sloping sandy beaches of Jimbaran, Nusa Dua and Kuta (Bali Island), as well as the beaches of Sengjiji (Lombok Island), famous for their cleanliness. Beautiful sunsets, not too big waves, as well as picturesque corals create a unique experience.


The resorts of Indonesia have excellent conditions for fans of water sports, as well as for long-distance hiking and exotic fishing.

The extremely rich underwater world of the Indian and Pacific Oceans attracts diving enthusiasts to the resorts of Indonesia. The most famous corals and sea gardens on the island of Sulawesi. Places near Jakarta and the island of Lombok are also considered excellent for scuba diving. The Bunaken dive center and underwater park in Bali is widely known; rare species of fish, turtles and corals live here.

Fans of surfing also go to Indonesia. The island of Bali is best suited for them, where there are many surf schools and excellent waves. The main places for surfers are Kuta (for beginners) and Uluwatu (for experienced surfers).

The islands of Java and Sumatra are also well suited for surfing.

In addition, Indonesian resorts are suitable for trekking (the best areas are the vicinity of the Gunung Sinabung and Gunung Sibayak volcanoes in Sumatra and the Maribaya hot springs in Java).

Among other things, in Indonesia, tourists can go rafting, snorkeling, golf (in Nusa Dua), as well as enjoy fishing, elephant safaris and learn Balinese dances.


The islands of Indonesia are full of cultural and natural attractions that tourists can visit with a guided tour.

In Sumatra, tourists should take a look at the royal graves, the Istana Palace, the Mesjid Raya Mosque and the Bukit Barisan Military Museum in Medan. Excursions are organized to the country’s largest natural reserve Gunung Leser, to the volcanic lake Toba, the picturesque channels of Palembang, as well as the famous volcano Krakatau.

Most of the most popular resorts among tourists are located in the province of Bali. The island of Bali itself will interest guests of the country with the Negen-Propinsi ethnographic museum and the Taman-Vedi-Budaya art center in Denpasar, the Pura-Besakih (“Mother Temple”) temple complex, the sacred “monkey forest” Alas-Kedaton, the “Royal Temple » Taman-Ayun in Mengvi and others.

It is worth mentioning the “island of turtles” Serangan and the “cave of bats” Goa-Lavah. It is impossible not to look at the Git-Git waterfall, about 40 meters high, as well as at Lake Batur and the beautiful botanical garden attached to it.

On the island of Lombok, excursions are offered to the Rinjani volcano, Sendang Gila waterfall and Danau-Segara-Anae lake.

In Sulawesi, Fort Rotterdam with a museum and the tomb of the Govan kings may be interesting, and in Ubud, the Puri Lukisan craft and ethnographic center, the Pura Saraswati temple complex, as well as the well-known Monkey Forest reserve.

As for the island of Java, the capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, deserves attention here, which boasts a historical museum, the ancient port of Sunda Kelapa, the national museum of Indonesia, the Museum of National History and the Museum of the Institute of Indonesian Culture.

Yogyakarta attracts attention with a huge palace complex “Sultan Kraton” with a “water castle” Taman-Sari, the Jakarta Craft Center and the Agastya Art Institute. And in the south of the island lies the largest monument of Buddhism in the southern hemisphere – the Borobudur Stupa (“monastery on the mountain” or “temple of a thousand Buddhas”).


For the purposes of improving Indonesian guests, there are numerous spa centerslocated in almost every hotel. The largest are located on the island of Bali.

Here, tourists are organized programs to improve blood circulation, get rid of excess weight and cellulite, as well as relieve stress. Men are offered a special procedure – wrapping with cloves and rice powder.

Festivals and holidays

Indonesia has a mix of many religions and ethnic groups. Therefore, a variety of cultural events and folk traditions reign here.

Holidays in Bali such as the spring festival at the temple of Pura Besakih, Nyepi, or the Feast of Silence represent a number of rituals: the purification of the temple deities Melasti, the expulsion of evil spirits Pengrupuk, etc. However, the New Year, considered one of the main holidays, is celebrated quietly, on this day the inhabitants fast and meditate.

The celebration of Independence Day (August 17) differs on a large scale.

Worth seeing are the Jakarta Fair in June, the Jalan Jax Street Fair in August, and the International Cultural Performance in May. Theatrical parades and performances take place on Sumba, on the island of Larantuka, as well as on Flores and Sulawesi.

Java is famous for the colorful performances of the traditional “Ramayana ballet” (from May to September), Madura for the well-known bull races, and Borobudur for the Buddhist Vesak festival in honor of the Buddha’s enlightenment.

Entertainment in Indonesia