Entertainment in Germany

Recreation and Entertainment in Germany

Beach Holiday

Despite the fact that Germany cannot be classified as a hot country, the beach holiday industry is well developed here. Attractive for tourists are the lakes of Bavaria. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Germany.

On the coast of Lake Constance there are a number of resort towns with well-equipped beaches. The Chiemsee (“Bavarian Sea”) and Titisee lakes are also very popular, which delight with the purest water and well-groomed beach area. Often trips are made to the beaches of the Tegernsee, Starnbergsee and Ammersee lakes.

The most popular resort on the German Baltic coast is Timmendorfer Strand. Here, tourists will find extensive beaches that provide everything you need for relaxation. An excellent beach of great length can also be found in the resort of Warnemünde.


One of the main attractions that attract tourists to Germany is skiing, for which all conditions are provided at a number of resorts.

One of the most famous places is Berchtesgaden resort. Here tourists will find six ski areas of different difficulty levels and a ski school. You can also do trekking, skating on frozen lakes, sports sleighs, as well as bobsleigh, snowboarding, freestyle, etc. A very popular resort is Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where there are two extensive ski areas, equipped lifts, a snowboard school and large areas for ski pass lovers.

The beautiful Alpine resort of Oberstdorf has well-prepared slopes for skiers; major world competitions are often held here. Well, the Reit im Winkl ski resort is perfect for a family vacation, there is a children’s ski school.

Active recreation is also flourishing in the beach resorts of Germany. Here you can do water sports: surfing, swimming (including underwater), yachting and sport fishing. On land, vacationers are offered golf courses, tennis courts, as well as walking, cycling and horseback riding and much more.


Germany is a country with a rich history. Therefore, almost every city is filled with a large number of attractions. There is no shortage of various parks and reserves.

First of all, it is worth mentioning Berlin, the capital of Germany. The visiting card of the city is the Brandenburg Gate with a preserved fragment of the infamous “Berlin Wall”, as well as the Reichstag building.

In addition, it is worth visiting St. Hedwig ‘s Cathedral, the Arsenal building, the world’s largest zoo, the Gothic Marienkirche church, Bellevue and Charlottenberg castles and much more. A huge number of museums are also located here: the Museum of the Prussian Castles Foundation, the New National Gallery, the German Historical Museum, as well as the whole Museum Island on the river. Spree.

In Hamburg, Germany ‘s major seaport, tourists can see the Town Hall, the oldest surviving German stock exchange, as well as the medieval church of St. Nicholas, which now houses an anti – war memorial.

The very old city of Hannover, the capital of Lower Saxony, attracts tourists with its beautiful Baroque garden at Herrenhausen, the Waterloo Column, the Beginen Tower (1357), as well as the picturesque main square Kröpke with the famous Windrose. Excursions are organized to the Sprengel Museum, the Kestnermuseum and the Museum of Lower Saxony.

In Düsseldorf, it is worth seeing its old part – Altstadt. It is here that tourists will find the Kö Art Gallery, the birthplace of Heinrich Heine, the Rheinturm TV tower with a revolving restaurant, the government building Landtag of North Rhine-Westphalia, as well as the park complexes of Benrath Castle and Südpark.

And not far from the city is Neanderthal, where the remains of an ancient man were once found, and now the Museum of the History and Evolution of Humankind is located.

The symbol of the industrial and commercial center of Germany Cologne is the Gothic Cologne Cathedral. In addition, in the city you can see twelve Romanesque churches, the Gothic churches of St. Maurice im Capital, St. Gereon and St. Clibert, as well as go to the Romanesque-Germanic Museum, the Ludwig Museum and the Wollraf-Richard Museum.

Strong impressions will remain from visiting Munich. Here are the Peterskirche Church (XI century), the English Garden, Neuhauser Strasse, as well as the Square of Justice and the old Botanical Garden. The symbol of the city is the Frauenkirche cathedral. Among the huge number of local museums, it is worth highlighting the unique BMW Museum.

Tourists will find many attractions in the cities of Frankfurt am Main, Magdeburg, Rostock, Schwerin, Postdam, Bremen, Leipzig, Bonn, Hesse, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and others.

In Germany, there is an opportunity to visit a large number of amusement parks and recreation. Among the most famous and popular are Legoland, Europa Park, Phantasialand near Cologne, as well as Hansa Park for thrill-seekers.

Festivals and holidays

Fairs, festivals and concerts in Berlin do not stop almost all year round. These are the largest Berlin Film Festival in February, the City Christopher Street Day Parade in June, the Love Parade in July, as well as the October Berlin Jazz Festival and much more.

In Hamburg, you can get to the Reisen Hamburg International Tourism Fair and the Hansebut exhibition. Carnivals, shooters’ processions, etc. are held in Düsseldorf.

It is a common German tradition to hold large-scale Winter Festivals. And the rich German musical heritage has become the basis for numerous music festivals, for example, the Thuringian Bach Festival in March or the Wagner Festival in Beirut in July, the spring Frankfurt and Stuttgart Jazz Festivals.

Harvesting events are held in autumn: the Festival of Lights and Fireworks in the Rhineland, the Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich, as well as smaller celebrations in honor of the patron saints of a particular agricultural region or any grape variety.


The most famous health resort in Germany is undoubtedly Baden-Baden. There are thermal springs with great healing power, which have long been known. The main complexes: Caracalla and Friedrichsbad. They carry out such procedures as drinking mineral waters, inhalations, baths, etc. All this is recommended for violations of the locomotor apparatus, the consequences of strokes, neurosis, heart and gynecological diseases.

In addition, the resorts of the Baltic coast offer thalassotherapy, as well as procedures using unique mineral products. It is worth noting the spa Bad Reichenhall with a healing climate and salt springs, as well as the mineral spa Bad Kissingen.

Entertainment in Germany