Entertainment in Finland

Recreation and Entertainment in Finland


Finland is a northern country with a large network of ski resorts that provide excellent opportunities for an active family holiday. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Finland.

Northern Finland

The most popular ski resorts in Northern Finland are Saariselkä, Salla, Ylläs, Kuusamo-Ruka, Pyhä, Vuokatti, Rovaniemi, Levi, Pallas and Olos, Iso-Syöte, Paljakka.

All resorts in the region have a developed tourist infrastructure, equipped with ski schools, hotels and cafes or restaurants.

Central Finland

In the central part of Finland there are such famous ski resorts as Tahko, Himos, Koli, Maarianvaara and Kasurila.

All of these resorts have excellent ski slopes that are ideal for beginners and advanced skiers. The resorts also have half pipes, ski schools, a variety of cafes and shops.

Southern Finland

The main ski resorts in this part of Finland are Messilä, Kalpalinna and Ellivuori.

The resorts offer excellently equipped slopes of various difficulty levels, ski schools for children and adults.

Most recreational resorts also offer dog sledding, horseback riding, ice fishing and more.


The best place for fishing in Finland are Åland Islands. Fishing on the islands is possible only in strictly defined places; it is also necessary to obtain a permit or license for the very territory where it is planned to fish.


First of all, the country became famous for its picturesque lakes and rivers, which make it a real “mecca” of fishing and water tourism in Europe, as well as for its diverse wildlife, carefully protected nature and excellent conditions for a great vacation.

But there are also many historical sights.


The capital of the country is especially rich in historical and cultural sights. The most famous architectural ensemble of Helsinki is a complex of buildings located on Senate Square: University, State Council, Cathedral.

Not far from the square you can observe the Market Square, which is the liveliest and most vibrant place in the city, as well as Kauppahalli – an indoor market, the city hall, the Presidential Palace, Esplanade Park and a fountain with a sculpture “Havis Amanda”, which is one of the symbols of the city.

Sibelius Park is located on the seashore, where you can see a monument erected in honor of the composer Jean Sibelius. Nearby is the Olympic Stadium, where a beautiful panorama of the city and its environs opens from the observation deck.

Also in the city it will be interesting to visit the Palace ” Finland “, the City Garden and the Haikko Manor, as well as museums: Sinebryukhovsky Museum of Fine Arts, which exhibits a large collection of Western European paintings, furniture, silver and porcelain, Museum of Contemporary Art “Kyasma”, with collections of painters 60s of the 20th century and the Ateneum Museum, with collections of foreign and Finnish art of the 18th – 20th centuries.

There are more than 60 cathedrals and temples in Helsinki, the most famous of them are: Assumption Cathedral – the largest outside of Russia and Temppelinaukio Church, which is one of the most interesting architectural structures. The church was carved into the granite rock. Today it hosts delightful organ concerts.


Suomenlinna is a group of islands that are a popular holiday destination for locals and tourists. Here is a complex of a powerful Swedish fortress and the old base of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Empire, which were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Today you can visit many ancient fortifications, four museums, exhibitions, the Art Center of the Nordic countries and see the Alma, one of the very first sailing ships in the country.


Seurasaari Island is located just five kilometers from the capital of Finland. Here is the Open Air Museum, which presents picturesque old Finnish wooden buildings brought from different parts of the country.


The island of Korkeasaari is home to the Helsinki Zoo, which is one of the best in Europe. The zoo houses a tropical mini-park “Amazonia”, “Cat’s Valley” and “House of Borelia”. There is also an interesting maritime museum here.


Turku is the oldest city in Finland. The most popular sights of the city are Turku Castle, which now houses the historical museum of the city and Turku Cathedral, on the territory of which the Museum of Wooden Sculpture, Fabrics and Utensils operates.

Also, the Luostarinmäki Museum of Artisans, the Forum-Marinum Maritime Center, the Sibelius Museum, and the Abo-Vetus-Ars-Nova Museum are open for visiting in the city.

It is worth visiting the Canticula water park, which has a wide variety of water attractions, it is also worth visiting the water park Caribia, which is the most popular and largest in the city.


Tampere is located between the two lakes Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärvi. One of the sights of the city is Tampere Cathedral, built in 1907. Also worth a visit are the Orthodox Church of Alexander Nevsky and St. Nicholas and the Church of Kaleva.

The city has more than 20 museums, of which the most popular are the Sarah Hilden Art Museum, the Tempere Art Museum, the Pharmacy Museum, the Puppet and Costume Museum, the Boxing Museum, the Mummilaasko Museum, the Mobilia Museum, the Hockey Museum, the Teisco Museum, etc.

Festivals and holidays

Every year in Helsinki, in July, the world-famous metal festival Tuska Open Air is held, in August-September – a music festival, the program of which includes many concerts of classical music, jazz and rock concerts, theater performances.

Tampere hosts the Theater Arts Festival during the summer months.

Sodankylä hosts the International Film Festival in June.

In Iisalmi in July – Beer Festival.

In July, the traditional rock festival Rockoff is held in the Åland Islands.

In Hamina in July (every 2 years) – Hamina Tatto – military music festival.

In Kuhmo – International Chamber Music Festival, which lasts for two weeks.

In July-August Kotka hosts the Sea Festival.

On the island of Ruissalo, in the first half of July, the largest international festival Ruisrock is held, in which popular rock bands such as HIM, The Rasmus and others take part.

Every year in Eker, at the end of April, the Havsoringstraffe, an international fishing competition, and in May, the Trollingtraffen, a lure fishing championship, are held.

Entertainment in Finland