Entertainment in Dominican Republic

Recreation and Entertainment in Dominican Republic

Beach Holiday

The coastline of the Dominican Republic is covered with clean fine sand and is divided into many beaches. Its length is about 100 miles. The water near the coast is warm, you can relax here almost all year round. Parts of the beach area are covered with palm trees, and between Puerto Plata and Cabarete there is a tourist infrastructure center with hotels, restaurants and various attractions. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Dominican Republic.

Popular beaches: Arena City, Bavaro, Punta Cana, Cortecito, Macau, Cabeza de Toro.


The mild climate and calm Caribbean Sea create ideal conditions for water sports.

Windsurfing. The ideal time to ride the waves is early in the morning, when there are still few people on the beach. The best surfing in the resorts: Kabarte and Buruna. There are also surf schools.

Diving. The Dominican Republic is a real find for divers. The country’s coastal waters are rich in reefs and shipwrecks. In Cabrera there is a cave with fresh water and a lake open for exploration. Large water centers are located in Punta Cana, Bayahibe, Puerto Plata and Catalina Island, the owner of the largest coral reef in the Caribbean.

Rafting. You can go down the swift current of the river in Santiago.

Jeep Safari. An off-road trip through the Dominican villages will get you closer to the local culture and traditions.

Fishing. You can relax with a fishing rod in your hands in Boca de Yuma. The rich underwater world will not allow you to be left without a catch.

Waterfall. In Cascada del Limon, El Salto de Bagote, Cascada Ojo de Agva and El Salto de Jimetoa you will be offered to climb to the top of the waterfall and go down the cascades on special climbing equipment.

mountain walks

Those who wish can conquer the highest mountain in the Caribbean. You can do this on foot or on a donkey.

Family holiday

It is better to relax with children on the island of Cabritos. On its territory there is a national park with Lake Enrikillo. In the local reserve you will see American crocodiles, iguanas and flamingos.
You can swim with dolphins in Manati Park. Not far from Punta Canna there is a zoo, tropical gardens, as well as the village of Taino village, which is home to exotic animals.

Night life

For lovers of nightlife, the Dominican Republic offers a wide range of entertainment. Numerous discos, casinos, cozy cafes by the sea and traditional shows with folk music and dances will not leave you indifferent. The nightlife center is located in Santo Domingo. Most cultural events take place here.


The Dominican Republic is the leader in the number of attractions among the Caribbean countries. Its main feature is luxurious nature. Beautiful beaches and corners of pristine nature set you up for a good rest.

In the Dominican Republic, quite a lot of sights reminiscent of the colonial era have been preserved.

The treasury of cultural monuments is located in the capital of the country – Santo Domingo. It is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Of interest to study are:

  • Torre de Omenahe tower.
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor (XVI century), which houses the remains of Christopher Columbus.
  • Columbus’ brother’s palace – Diego. Only ruins remain of it now.
  • University of Santo Domingo (1538).

It is also worth walking along Caye Las Damas, where there are several houses of the 16th century and a Jesuit monastery. A little to the side is the Museum de Las Casas Reales, which contains exhibits that tell about the journey of Columbus and his discoveries. The museum most fully displays the cultural heritage of the Spaniards in the Caribbean. In the park named after Columbus there is a large statue of a traveler, whose gaze is directed to the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor.

Entertainment in Dominican Republic