Entertainment in Czech Republic

Recreation and Entertainment in Czech Republic


Rest in most resort towns in the Czech Republic is associated with recovery. The most popular health resorts are:

Karlovy Vary is a world-famous Czech spa resort. The thermal waters of this resort are distinguished by their rich mineral composition and extensive healing effect. They are used to treat diseases of the internal organs and the musculoskeletal system. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Czech Republic.

Marianske Lazne is the second most famous medical resort in the Czech Republic. Local mineral springs are cold, used to treat diseases of the metabolism, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, as well as cancer and others.

Frantiskovy Lazne – this resort is known not only for its acidic mineral waters with a strongly alkaline base, but also for its curative sulfuric-ferrous mud and natural gas.

Jachymov is called the world’s first radon spa. Radon mineral water has a disinfecting effect and ionizing radiation. Radon treatment is indicated for people with autoimmune diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system.

Podebrady – mineral water of this resort is used to treat cardiological diseases, as well as diseases associated with metabolic disorders.

Lazne Belograd is a resort specializing in the treatment of a complex of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Known for mineral springs and mud baths.

Darkov – differs in that iodine-bromine mineral water is used in the treatment at this resort. It has its own children’s department of the sanatorium.

Some health resorts in the Czech Republic are also ski resorts. For example, the resort of Teplice. Its mineral waters are actively used in the treatment of diseases of the vascular system, nervous system and musculoskeletal system. In winter, this resort offers ski slopes and ski lifts.

Ski resorts

Popular ski resorts operate on the snowy slopes of the Czech Republic. All of them have a fairly high level of service.

Spindlerov Mlyn is a particularly popular ski resort in the Czech Republic. It has ski slopes of all difficulty levels, lifts with a large capacity, trails for night skiing, for snowboarders, cross-country skiing and trekking. In addition, ski schools can be visited at the resort.

Harrachov is a resort with ski slopes of different difficulty levels, ski lifts and ski jumps. The “snow cannons” of the resort ensure the quality of skiing in any weather conditions.

Pec pod Snezkou – the main feature of the resort is its location. It is located at the foot of the highest mountain in the Czech Republic – Sněžka. It has ski slopes, including illuminated ones, as well as a fan park for snowboarders.


Most Czech spas offer opportunities for outdoor activities. Tourists visiting them can not only improve their health at mineral springs, but also have all the conditions for practicing various types of tourism and sports.

For example, many resort guests are interested in trying their hand at cycling, horseback riding, golf, tennis, skiing and skating.


The Czech Republic is a country with a large cultural heritage. That is why many cities and resorts of the country can boast of their extensive excursion programs.

Prague – occupies the main place in the Czech Republic for the variety of excursions. The capital of the country is distinguished by its unique architecture. Tourists visit ancient Catholic cathedrals, squares, famous Prague bridges and fountains on excursions around this city. No less interesting are excursions to various museums and breweries.

Kutná Hora is a city famous for its monuments of Gothic architecture. An impressive place in the city is the chapel of All Saints and the ossuary at the cemetery (“Ossuary”). It is also interesting to visit excursions to the Gothic Cathedral of St. Barbara and the Hradek Silver Museum.

Pilsen – in this city there is an opportunity to participate in excursions to the Gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew, a historical dungeon, which is located right under the city, to the famous Pilsner Urquell brewery, as well as to local museums.

Luhacovice is a resort town, in the vicinity of which excursions are held to ancient forts, baroque temples and a castle built in the 16th century. Here you can also visit one of the most popular arboretums in the Czech Republic.

In addition, excursions to numerous reserves and natural parks are popular in the Czech Republic.

For example, tourists often visit the Krkonose mountain range, which is ranked among the country’s natural reserves, excursions to the Sumava National Park, which attracts untouched wilderness areas, as well as to Czech Switzerland, a nature reserve, considered one of the most picturesque places in Europe, are no less popular.

Entertainment in Czech Republic