Entertainment in Brazil

Recreation and Entertainment in Brazil

Beach Holiday

In Brazil, tourists have at their disposal 7,367 km of ocean coast, on which more than 2,000 sandy beaches are equipped. All of them belong to the municipality, so you can use them completely free of charge. Despite the ever-increasing tourist flow, most of the beach areas are not crowded. The best beaches in Brazil are Jericoacoara, Espelho, Carro Quebrado, Carneiros, there are also separate beaches for naturists. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Brazil.


Active recreation in Brazil is represented by the following sports:

  • Hang gliding. A favorite place for hang gliders is in Rio de Janeiro, in the Pedra Bonita area, not far from the Pepino beach area.
  • Surfing. Windsurfing is possible anywhere on the Brazilian coast, but the coastal area along Jericoacoara Beach is the most popular.
  • Sailing. In Buzios you can sail on a popular tourist route.
  • Fishing. A rich catch awaits you in the Araguaia and Tocantins rivers.
  • Mountaineering. Rio de Janeiro and its surroundings provide excellent opportunities for rock climbing. You can also conquer the mountain peak in one of the many national parks in Brazil.
  • Diving. Scuba diving in Brazil will appeal to both professionals and beginners in this sport. The most interesting for studying the coastal waters of the island of Fernando de Norona, the states of Bahia, Pernambuco and Bonito. The best time for diving is from April to November.
  • Safari. Much of Brazil is covered in jungle. Safari on them will be the most exciting adventure of your vacation.


The picturesque nature of Brazil is conducive to such a type of recreation as eco-tourism. As part of the tour, you will see the so-called “wedding of the rivers”. At the confluence of the rivers Rio Cilimoes (has a white tint) and Rio Negro (differs in a black tint), their waters flow for several kilometers without merging. This is due to different flow temperatures.

Combined tours

Due to the relief features of Brazil, combined tours have gained particular popularity here. As part of the excursion program, you will try yourself in rock climbing, hang gliding, and also try your hand at conquering the water element by rafting or canoeing down the Amazon.


Brazil is full of events. But the most striking holiday here is the February carnival. For four days, colorful processions, street concerts and vibrant performances take place across the country.

Night life

The nightlife center is located in Rio de Janeiro. The fun here does not subside day or night. Take a walk after sunset along the beaches of Copacabana, Leblon or Ipanema, each palm tree of the coastal zone is entwined with colorful illumination. In the evenings, political discussions and performances of capoeira dancers are held near the National Theater. At night, pay attention to Mount Corcovado. Above its top you will see the hovering Jesus Christ, as if embracing the city. Numerous bars, discos and strip clubs work in Brazil at night.


Brazil is a country where you can easily combine a beach holiday with sightseeing. While relaxing here, be sure to visit:

  • Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s most popular city with many attractions including the famous Christ statue.
  • Sao Paulo is the industrial center of Latin America. Here you will see the Museum of Modern Art, the Butanathan snake sanctuary, as well as the Pakaembu stadium, where Pele, the “king” of football, played for a long time.
  • Brasilia is a city that looks like an airplane. In its very center (“fuselage”) is the Three Powers Square, the “wings” fall on residential areas, and the president’s residence is located in the “nose of the aircraft”.
  • Manaus is the capital of the Amazon. Here you will visit the Museum of the Indians, the Palacio Negro, the City Theater built in 1896, the Museum of Man, the Museum of Numismatics, as well as the Church of San Sebastian and the Teatro Amazonas Opera House. 12 km from the city you will see such a unique phenomenon as the “wedding of the rivers”.
  • Iguazu – 72 meter waterfalls located in the national park of the same name. They are located at the very border of Brazil with Argentina and Paraguay.
  • Salvador is the historical center of Brazil. Here you will walk through the ancient quarter of Pelourinho, see the old port of Barra. Also worth visiting are the Afro-Brazilian Museum, the Abelardo Rodriguez Museum, the Carmelite Order Museum, the Carlos Costa Pinto Museum and the Medical Memorial.
  • Recife is the center of the state of Pernambuco, called the “Brazilian Venice”. The city of Olinda is located 7 km away. It has become famous thanks to the old quarter built in the colonial style.
  • Belo Horizonte is a city completely built from scratch. It is famous for the road of 78 statues, the historical museum of Bilio Bareto and the Palace of Liberty.

Entertainment in Brazil