Entertainment in Belarus

Recreation and Entertainment in Belarus

Ski holidays

There are many beautiful ski resorts in Belarus, providing their guests with excellent opportunities for winter sports. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Belarus.

The Silichi ski complex presents three excellently prepared slopes of varying difficulty. There are also children’s trails and cross-country skiing trails. For fans of evening and night skiing there are illuminated tracks.

The Yakutsk Mountains Recreation Park presents two ski slopes with a length of more than 750 meters to the attention of vacationers. The trails are lit up in the evening. There are also playgrounds for mini-golf, paintball, tracks for ATVs and much more.

The Mozyr ski complex provides its guests with excellent equipped slopes that are perfect for snowboarders and skiers of any skill level.

The Logoisk ski center has four equipped pistes, the total length of which reaches three kilometers. There are illuminated trails.



Minsk is the capital and the oldest city of Belarus. Popular historical sights in the city are the Trinity Suburb, the Collegium of the Jesuits, the Upper Town, the Rakovskoe Suburb, the Kalvary Church, the Zamchische, the City Hall, the Church of the Holy Trinity, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. As well as the Peter and Paul Church, Pishchalovsky Castle, the Red Church, Independence Square, Svoboda Square, the Lipetsk Estate complex,house of Masons, Minsk Yeshiva, etc.

Also in the city it is worth visiting Skaryna Avenue, the Eternal Flame, the Church of the Intercession, the Government House, the Church of St. Gregory, the House of Officers, the Victory Monument, Academgorodok, Station Square, etc.

There are a large number of museums in Minsk, among which you should definitely visit the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life, the Museum of Samovars and Household Items of the 19th century, the Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War, the Ya. Kupala Museum, the Museum of Stones, the Belarusian National Museum history and culture, etc.


In the city of Nesvizh, located 120 kilometers from Minsk, Nesvizh Palace and Castle Complex, Slutsk Gates, Castle Tower, Town Hall, Alba Park, Farny Church, “House on the Market” and others deserve special attention.


Mogilev is one of the ancient and original cities of the country. The most notable in the city are the Borisoglebskaya and Anufrievskaya churches, the complex of the Nikolaevsky monastery, the Regional Theater, the church of St. Stanislav, the chapel-tomb of the Senozhatskys, the Bykhov market, the Cathedral of St. and etc.


In the city of Brest, it is worth visiting the Nicholas Fortress, Nicholas Cathedral, St. Simon Cathedral, the railway station, the Brestye Museum, the memorial complex of the Brest Fortress, the Archaeological Museum, the Exaltation of the Cross Church, the City Museum, the Nicholas Brotherhood Church, etc.

There are also many interesting sights around the city. It is worth visiting the ruins of the castle of Count Puslovsky and the Museum of Tadesh Kosciuszko in Kossovo, in Alba – the St. Gorodok – St. George’s Church, in Stolovichi – the Assumption Church, in Berezhnoye – the Church of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa, in Ishkoldi – the Trinity Church, etc.


The city of Grodno is one of the most picturesque in the country. In the city, you should definitely visit the New and Old Castles, the Lower Church, the Church of St. Francis Xavier, the Franciscan Church, the August Palace, the Marfa Chapel, the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin, the Pokrovsky Cathedral, the House of Vice-Governor Maksimovich, the Bernardine Monastery, the Basilian Monastery, the Stanislavsky Manor and etc.

There are also many museums in the city, the most popular are the Historical and Archaeological Museum, the Grodno Museum, the Museum of the History of Religion, etc.


In the city of Vitebsk, it is interesting to visit the Church of the Annunciation, the Kazan and Intercession Churches, the Mitrofanovskaya Church, the Governor’s Palace, the Church of St. Barbara, the Old Town Hall, the Millennium Square, the Holy Intercession Cathedral, the Afanasievskaya Church, as well as the Memorial to Soviet Wars, St. Church of Alexander Nevsky and others.

It is also worth visiting the City Art Museum, the Chagall Museum, the Zdravnevo Estate Museum, etc.


In the city of Polotsk, the Hagia Sophia, the ruins of the Borisoglebsky Monastery, the Spaso-Evfrosinevsky Monastery, the House of Simeon of Polotsk, Borisov Stone, the Jesuit Collegium, the Lutheran Church, the Historical Museum, etc. deserve special attention.


Gomel is one of the largest cities in the country. In the city it is worth visiting the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the chapel-tomb of the Paskeviches, the Museum of Local Lore, the Central Park, the Elias Church, the Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace, the hunting house of Rumyantsev, etc.


In January, it is worth visiting the National Convention of Belarusian Composers in Minsk, in Brest – “January Musical Evenings”, within which many different concerts are held. At the end of April, Radunitsa is held all over the country – Day of Remembrance of the Ancestors, and Expolingua – International Festival of Linguistics is also held in Minsk. In July, the Poetry Festival and the music festival “Belarus is my song” are held on Lake Svityaz.

July in Belarus is the most eventful period. Throughout the country, July 3 is celebrated Independence Day, City Day is celebrated in Minsk on July 4, which is accompanied by a military air holiday and a folklore holiday “Belarusian padvorki”. In mid-July, Ivan Kupala takes place, in Vitebsk – “Slavianski Bazaar”, at the end of July it is worth visiting the Belarusian rock festival “Basovishche”.

In Lutsk, in the castle of Lubart, in early September, the festival “The Sword of the Lutsk Castle” takes place. In October, Minsk hosts the International Theater Festival, in November the Belarusian Musical Autumn takes place, and in December – “Christmas fun” and Kolyada.

Entertainment in Belarus