Entertainment in Armenia

Recreation and Entertainment in Armenia


Armenia can please the tourist with a wide variety of types of active recreation offered. In winter, many ski lovers flock to the city of Tsakhkadzor, the most popular ski resort in the country. In addition, this is the location of the main Olympic base of Armenia. Skiers will find in the resort both steep slopes for professionals, and calm gentle slopes, there are also convenient lifts, a cable car, stadiums and an excellent tourist infrastructure. The resort prides itself on its sport chute that snowboarders love. And the amazing views of Mount Ararat and Lake Sevan will make skiing unforgettable. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Armenia.

The natural wealth and beauty of Armenia open up wide opportunities for ecological and hiking tourism. Thus, popular routes are laid on the territory of the Dilijan Reserve, located on the Aregun Range, the National Park of Armenia on Lake Sevan, nature protection zones near Yerevan, the Erebuni Reserve, etc. Fans of more difficult routes and climbers will find it interesting to go on expeditions to mountainous regions, which are best done in July -August. Here is the extinct volcano Aragats, and the Garni Gorge, and the Stone Forest of Goris, etc.

Fishing enthusiasts can be advised to visit Sevan, the largest lake in the Transcaucasus. Its waters are simply teeming with fish: trout, pike perch, khramul, barbel and whitefish. However, fishing without a license is prohibited. Lovers of beach holidays and special entertainment – high-mountain diving also stop here.


Armenia is a country with a rich history and culture, so there is no shortage of sights here. Some of them are even listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the monasteries of Haghpat, Sanahin and Geghard, the ruins of Zvartnots, the upper reaches of the Azat River, etc.

In Christian Armenia, you should definitely visit at least some of its most beautiful temples and monasteries, which are scattered throughout the country. The real heart of the Armenian Apostolic Church is considered Etchmiadzin Cathedral, the complex of which includes the Cathedral, and the residence of the Catholicos, and temples dedicated to the Christian martyrs Hripsime, Gayane and Shoghakat. Near Yerevan lies the Khor Virap monastery, built in the 17th century, from the walls of which the famous Mount Ararat is visible.

The majestic temple of Garni reminds of the times of paganism. Also noteworthy are the ruined temple of Zvartnots of the 6th century, the ancient monastery of Geghard, and the buildings of the medieval churches of Mesrop Mashtots, Tsitsenavor and Karmravor.

Armenia is also famous for its impressive castles and fortresses, preserved from feudal times. Princes lived in the possessions of Amberd, Metsamor, Akhtala, Smbataberd in the 10th – 13th centuries. But it is especially interesting to wander through the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Urartu, which existed even before our era.

The capital of Armenia Yerevan is replete with sights. Here you should definitely visit the Republic Square, the State Historical Museum, the Art Gallery, the Matenadaran and Erebuni museums, look at the Mother Armenia and Tsitsernakaberd monuments (memory of the Armenian genocide of 1915). There is also a Turkish fort of the 16th century, and an ancient mosque. Excursions are also offered by the Yerevan Brandy Factory. And if you climb the observation deck on the Cascade monument, you can see the whole city at a glance.

A special territory of Armenia is Nagorno-Karabakh. Here are located such important religious sites as the church of Hovhannes Mkrtich, the cathedral church of the Dade monastery, the cathedral church of Hadavank with temple frescoes of Khutavank. as well as the miracle of Armenia – Gandzasar Monastery, an extraordinary architectural monument.


There are many sources of mineral waters in the mountains of Armenia, around which balneological resorts have grown today. Dilijan is considered the most popular in the country. The treatment here is focused on lung problems and uses both carbonic-alkaline waters and the beneficial mountain climate itself. Another popular resort is Arznispecializing in the cardiovascular and digestive systems. And in the high mountains in the east of the country there is a resort Jermuk, whose hot mineral waters treat a whole range of diseases.

Festivals and holidays

Armenians celebrate their holidays with pleasure and organize various festivals on a grand scale. Every year on February 15, Vardanank is celebrated, where they remember the battle of Armenians and Persians on the Avarayr field. The most popular folk holiday is Valentine’s Day Trndez, with jumping over a fire and other fun rituals.

April 7 is the day of Motherhood and Beauty, in March-April the celebration of Easter falls, always taking place on a grand scale. Autumn is marked by the traditional Waski Ashun festival in Hrazdan. The end of July is the time of the Vardavar water festival, when it is supposed to pour over each other. Tolma and tonira culinary festivals, a wine festival, etc. are popular. Despite the Christian religion, many rituals and traditions that have survived from pagan times are performed in Armenia: sacrifices, harvest festivals, etc.

Entertainment in Armenia