Entertainment in Andorra

Recreation and Entertainment in Andorra


Most often, fans of skiing rush to Andorra. The country offers a variety of ski slopes of different difficulty levels, comfortable ski lifts, good service, as well as fairly low prices by European standards. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Andorra.

The largest skiing region throughout the Pyrenees is Grandvalira, formed in 2003 by the merger of smaller resorts. In addition to the usual slopes, there are trails for cross-country skiing, freestyle areas, half-pipe, etc. All trails are united by the action of a single ski pass.

Pas de la Casa – Grau Roig – the largest resort in Andorra – is located on the border with France at high altitude. Here, hikers will find both difficult runs in the upper areas of the Pas de la Casa valley, and runs designed for slalom and halfpipe in the lower areas. In the Grau Roig Valley, there are woodlands and a fun park that are perfect for skiing. You can get on the “red” slopes of this resort, including the Funicamp cable car from the center of the country.

The modern resort of Soldeu-El Tarter, consisting of two settlements at a distance of 3 km from each other, can also offer many slopes. However, the network of lifts combines the slopes and slopes into one large area, well mastered by ski lovers. It is better to go here for beginners and intermediate skiers. Beginners will love the gentle slopes of the Espiolets, while advanced skiers will enjoy the vast off-piste areas. Snowboarders will find their halfpipe here. Known local school of skiing and snowboarding.

Another major ski area is Vallnord, suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers and famous for its stable snow cover throughout the winter (this is due to almost all slopes facing north). It consists of the resorts of Pal, Arinsal, Ordino, Arcalis and La Massana.

La Massana is located near the capital of Andorra and is combined with the Pal-Arinsal ski area. This is a “double” resort of two ski bases. Suitable not only for single skiers, but also for families. Arinsal stands out for its incredible elevation difference (1010 meters). Snow cover is supported by special installations.

Somewhat cut off from civilization, the resort of Ordino-Arcalis is famous for its beautiful landscape and rather difficult slopes for skiers with experience. Mogul tracks and “black” slopes are suitable for extreme sportsmen. For snowboarders there is a snow park, half-pipe and ski jumps. True, the hotels here are quite far from the ski slopes.

Separately from the major skiing regions, the Encamp resort is located, where, in addition to convenient slopes and a ski school, there is a variety of entertainment and the opportunity to visit the capital of Andorra. The resort of Escaldes does form one whole with the capital. From here you can easily get to the areas of Pas de la Casa – Grau Roig and Soldeu.

In Andorra, you can do not only skiing, but, for example, dog sledding, horseback riding, clay shooting, etc.

Hiking is a very popular activity. The most suitable areas for it are the village of Llorts with its beautiful surroundings, the mountain lakes Estanis del Angonella, Estany del Estany, as well as the mountains of Borda de Sorteni and Pic del Estany.

Fishing is also popular in Andorra (often trout). True, for this entertainment you first need to obtain permission from the tourist organization.


In addition to outdoor activities, in Andorra you can do travel and sightseeing, which there is no shortage of.

Remarkable in this regard, of course, is the capital of the state – Andorra la Vella. The city was founded at the beginning of the 9th century and is located in a basin surrounded by high picturesque mountains. It is worth getting into the heart of the city – the ancient district of Barri Antique, located on the site of an ancient village that gave rise to the capital.

Here the most famous is the colorful residence of the government “House of the Valleys” (1702). Around it are the church of St. Armenol of the XI century, the judicial building of Sala de la Giusticia, the parliamentary building of Sala del Consell with a philatelic museum in the upper floors, as well as the castle of Set Panis and many more buildings in the medieval style.

In the cultural center of the city, on Plaza la Poble, there is the State Theater and the Academy of Music, and nearby is Andorra’s largest shopping center Pirenes.

The eastern suburb of the capital, Escaldes, is famous for its wellness complex Caldea, where thermal mineral waters are used, and the services of professional masseurs are also offered. Russian tourists will appreciate the Museum of Russian nesting dolls with an extensive collection.

In Encamp, 5 km from Andorra la Vella, you can visit the National Automobile Museum with ancient and extremely rare exhibits. The sports complex Encamp Multiaporta Center and the Church of Esglesia San Roma de les Bons are also interesting here. It is here that the aforementioned Funicamp cable car begins, leading to the ski slopes.

In Ordino, tourists can go to the ethnographic museum d’Areni and Plandolit, which is essentially the ancestral home of the Areni Plandolit dynasty, a famous Andorran family. Of interest is the Museum of Orthodox Icons, the Museum of Architectural Miniatures with models of famous works of Andorran architecture, as well as the Museum of Microminiatures, where the masterpieces of the Ukrainian “left-handed” Mykola Syadristy are located, which can only be seen with a microscope.

Among other things, tourists can go on excursions to nearby European cities: Baselon, Girona, Figueres or French Carcassonne.

Festivals and holidays

Celebrations and various festivals are held in Andorra all year round. However, it should be borne in mind that entertainment does not violate the norms of Catholic morality, which is very important for the vast majority of the local population.

The most frequent are open concerts, general and local festivities with songs and folk dances. The most beloved by tourists is the national festival “Mare de Du de Meritsel”, dedicated to the Virgin Mary and held annually on September 8 in Meritsel, as well as summer “village festivals” organized in large numbers.

Every year, the first Saturday of August is marked by a grandiose three-day festival dedicated to the holiday of Andorra la Vella. The festival takes place around the capital’s Plaza la Poble. And in the New Year and Christmas time, Encamp holds numerous bright holidays for children.

Entertainment in Andorra