Entertainment in Abkhazia

Recreation and Entertainment in Abkhazia

Rest in Abkhazia attracts Russian tourists with relative accessibility, famous beach resorts and visa-free travel from country to country. Holiday prices in many Abkhazian resorts are lower than in similar Russian Black Sea resorts. See toppharmacyschools for geography, climate and cuisine in Abkhazia.

Beach Holiday

The most resort town of Abkhazia and the “Black Sea Riviera” is called Gagra. This resort has good conditions for a beach holiday: fast warming clear sea water, pebble beaches, numerous coastal resorts and hotels. In addition to swimming, even sunbathing and enjoying the healing air, in Gagra you can ride jet skis, go scuba diving and visit the water park.

Rest in the subtropical city of Pitsunda will delight you with the cleanest water on the entire Black Sea coast, small-pebble beaches, as well as the only sandy beach in Abkhazia. At the resort, you can ride a jet ski and take a boat trip along the Pitsunda Bay.

The beach area of Sukhum is about 10 kilometers long. The central city beach is strewn with small pebbles and sand, has a flat bottom, and is equipped with water attractions. You can get to the sanatorium beaches “MVO” and “RVSN” by presenting your passport. These are pebble beaches that provide sun loungers, catamarans, water skis and jet skis for the entertainment of resort guests. On the Medical (Sinop) beach you can swim, ride a boat, scooter and “banana”. Agudzer beach is considered picturesque and not crowded. Mayaksky Beach (Dolphinariums) is sandy and pebbly, it got its second name due to the abundance of dolphins in the local coastal waters.

A milder maritime climate will please tourists on the wide, gently sloping beaches of the developing resort of Gudauta.


The ancient city of Sukhum is the capital of the country. Due to its rich history, it has many interesting sights. Theater Square is considered to be a popular vacation spot for citizens and tourists. Walking along it, you cannot pass by the Central Exhibition Hall of the Union of Artists and the Drama Theater named after S. Ya. Chanba. Prospekt Mira is known for its ancient buildings dating back to the beginning of the 20th century: the building of the city administration, the main post office, one of the very first city schools. There you can also see the park of Glory, which is a memorial dedicated to the dead Abkhaz soldiers. Tourists are recommended to visit the most beautiful street of the city – Leon Avenue, where the Botanical Garden is located, famous for its flowering splendor since the 19th century. Of the capital’s cultural institutions, it is recommended to see the Russian Drama Theater and the Abkhaz State Museum. The ancient defensive structures of Sukhumi are of great interest to tourists: the walls of the Sukhumi fortress, the majestic Bagrat castle dating back to the 10th century, the Abkhaz wall (Kelasurskaya), the Red Bridge, the Beslet bridge, and the Sukhumi lighthouse. In addition, in the city you can visit the Monkey Nursery.

In the vicinity of the capital, in the village of Kaman, excursions to the burial places of St. John Chrysostom, the holy martyr Basilisk and the ruins of an ancient church are popular.

One of the main places for excursions in Abkhazia is New Athos. Here, near the Iberian Mountain, there is the New Athos Monastery of St. Panteleimon, founded in the 19th century. Within its boundaries there are several temples, the most famous of which is the Cathedral of St. Panteleimon with its main shrine – the miraculous cross, it contains part of the tree of the Cross of the Lord. In addition to this large religious monument in New Athos, they visit the temple of the Apostle Simon the Zealot, where the relics of the saint are kept, his secluded cell in the grotto, the Anakopia fortress of the 4th century, the New Athos Museum of military glory, the Psyrtskhinskaya hydroelectric power station, the New Athos cave with a mysterious complex system of labyrinths, underground lakes, stalactites and stalagmites.

In the resort town of Pitsunda, you can visit a pine reserve, a bamboo grove, the Museum of Military Glory and an architectural complex called ” Great Pitiunt ” with the remains of ancient buildings and the Pitsunda temple, in which there is a famous organ.

In the city of Gagra, it is interesting to see the Zhoekvarsky Gorge, one of the oldest Christian churches in the world, the Abaat fortress of the 4th-5th centuries, the Seaside Park, restaurants popular with the Soviet elite, the cable car and the castle of Prince Oldenburg.


The city of Gagra is a mineral resort, to whose health centers people come who want to improve their cardiovascular, nervous system, cure skin diseases and joint diseases.

Sukhum is a seaside balneological resort, famous for its mud and radon healing springs.

At the Gudauta resort, you can plunge into a balneological vacation. Here you can improve your health with the help of hydrogen sulfide, sodium chloride and iodine-bromine healing sources, which positively affect blood circulation, respiratory organs and nervous activity.

In New Athos, you can not only see famous sights, but also take mud baths. Not far from these places, you can visit the hydrogen sulfide clinic in Primorsky.


The most popular type of outdoor activity in Abkhazia is mountain tourism. Especially often we visit the route that runs along the Bzyb karst massif. From the top of the plateau there is a wonderful panoramic view of the Arabica, Atsetuka, Agepsta mountains and the Gagra Range.

In addition, in the country you can go in for parachuting, paintball, fly a hang glider, horseback and boat trips, rafting on the mountain river Bzyb, play tennis and volleyball.


There are festivals in Abkhazia that deserve attention. For example, the annual classical music festival, which takes place in Sukhum. You can look at the popular ethnic festival “EthnoLife”, which is held in the summer on the coast. On it you can listen to live music, participate in trainings, get acquainted with the culture of different countries. It is no less interesting to look at the national Abkhaz holiday “Lykhna”, which will delight tourists with sports competitions, horse races, traditional games, national dances, songs and traditional cuisine. Held in the village of Mokva.

Entertainment in Abkhazia