Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

According to pharmacylib, Puerto Plata combines several resorts on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic: Sosua, Cabarete and Playa Dorado. There are chic well-groomed sandy beaches, tastefully designed hotels equipped with all kinds of infrastructure – from restaurants to clubs right on the ocean, but tourists love this place not only for this. Compared to the south coast, there are steeper waves and, accordingly, better conditions for water sports. Windsurfers, including professional athletes, come here to participate in annual competitions.

Puerto Plata Transport

In the role of public transport in the resort are taxis, buses and gua-gua. Buses are slow and cheap, but with a convenient and extensive network of routes, which is worth understanding. Gua-gua (gua-gua) – minivans for 7-8 people, the main mode of transport in the city. Gua Gua can be stopped with a wave of the hand almost everywhere, especially on the main streets, the fare is ~ 20 DOP during the day, 40 DOP at night. The most expensive, but also the safest form of transport is a taxi. From Puerto Plata airport to Cabarete it will cost 40 USD, to Sosua 30 USD, in the city center – 12 USD. Prices on the page are for July 2021. See harvardshoes for North America overview.

Puerto Plata Hotels

The hotels of the resort complex offer their guests not only their own club on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, but also: a golf course, restaurants, beaches, horseback riding and much more.

Cuisine and restaurants of Puerto Plata

It is believed that for good restaurants it is better to go to Cabarete, however, there are several places worthy of attention in Puerto Plata. For example, the elegant restaurant La Perillada, which is famous for its grilled meats. The Papillon restaurant offers excellent lobsters and shrimps. And in Café Cito, the restaurant of the Canadian consul, you can just have a good time, this place is very popular with young people and tourists.

Entertainment and attractions of Puerto Plata

The church where the first Mass in America took place, the ruins of Columbus’ house, the fort and church of San Felipe, the Fortalese lighthouse, the Brugal distillery. The Taino Indian Museum, the Amber Museum and the Ostal Jimeson Museum.

Sightseeing tour, trip to Santo Domingo, “Dominican Alps”, yacht tour, “jeep safari”, Ocean World aquarium, deep sea fishing, Cayo Paraiso island, rafting, “meeting with whales” (this excursion is held from January 15 to March 15th).

On Saturdays, cockfights are held at the Gallistico Club in Los Charamicos.

Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic