Orinoco, Venezuela

Orinoco, Venezuela Travel Information

According to computerannals, the Orinoco Delta is one of the largest in the world. Each channel here has its own unique color and composition of water, and even its own ecosystem. But most importantly, for the sake of which rare brave tourists go to conquer the local selva – these are colossal bird populations (more than 350 species), 120 species of mammals, more than 1300 plant species, about 420 species of fish and 70 species of reptiles, including the largest snake planets – anaconda.

Entertainment and attractions of Orinoco

The area is just beginning to be explored by travelers, so its main attractions are considered to be magnificent nature and original Indian tribes not corrupted by white people.

A special world awaits the curious in the city of Ciudad Bolivar (Angostura), which managed to retain the charm of the colonial spirit, moving downstream, you can get acquainted with another representative of the architecture of that period – the city of San Felix. A mixture of original traditions and Western influences reigns in the industrial and commercial center of the region – Puerto Ordaz. You can admire from afar the Sacred place for the natives – Turtle Mountain, the surface of which is forbidden to touch.

According to Indian legends, the universe was born not far from the mysterious hill.

National parks

According to commit4fitness, the main value for tourists are numerous national parks: El Avila National Park, Sierra Nevada National Park (a leader in mountaineering, hang-gliding and paragliding), La Mucuy National Park, Enri Pittier National Park, Los Nevados Park, Park Morokoy, Parc Maria Lyon.

Trips to the parks usually last 2-3 days, their cost includes a visit to the Orinoco Delta, and the average price fluctuates around 1000 USD.

Prices on the page are for July 2021.

Especially popular are canoe tours along the legendary river with the Warao Indians, who organize trips through the jungle and hunt for dangerous piranhas. Adventures last 2-3 days, cost from 370 USD, start – in the village of Tucupita.

2 things to do in the Orinoco area

  1. Buy Venezuelan rum and a wooden figurine carved from the light wood of the balsa tree at one of the local markets in the villages as a nice souvenir.
  2. Ride a boat along the rainbow Orinoco, feed fish to the Amazonian dolphin – a river animal with a long narrow mouth, and the lucky ones will be able to stumble upon the Orinoco crocodile (the largest in Latin America). Be careful, take care of your limbs!

Orinoco, Venezuela