Ontario, Canada

Ontario, Canada

According to aristmarketing, Ontario is the most populous and second largest province in Canada, in which two capitals are “registered” at once: the main city of the province is Toronto and the capital of the country, Ottawa. Due to its sheer size, Ontario is the starting point for trips to the world’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Superior, Niagara Falls and Polar Bear Park, above the Arctic Circle.

In Ontario, there is “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” – the house-museum of the prototype of a famous literary character.

How to get there

According to businesscarriers, most travelers arrive in Ontario via Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Although, first of all, Pearson Airport is convenient for those who are going to travel around the southern part of the province. In addition to it, there are other airports in southern Ontario, for example, in Windsor, Sarnia, London, Hamilton and Kingston, which are served by Air Canada and WestJet. Another airport is located in Kitchener and is served by Delta (flights from Detroit) and WestJet (flights from Calgary).

The eastern part of the province and the Ottawa River Valley is served by Ottawa Airport, where flights from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom arrive. Well, for travelers in northwestern or northern Ontario, Thunder Bay International Airport is ideal – Air Canada operates direct flights here from Toronto, and WestJet from Hamilton.

By bus

Greyhound Canada routes cover nearly 1,100 cities and towns across Canada. Megabus operates flights from New York, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Rochester and Washington to Toronto. Ne-On is partnering with Greyhound USA and New-York Trailways to operate a twice-daily bus service from New York to Toronto.

Ontario beaches

Wasaga Beach is the most popular in Ontario and the world’s longest freshwater beach, stretching along the bay of Lake Huron. Wasaga Beach stretches for more than 14 km, it has clean sand, warm water and shallow water – ideal for families with children.

Southwest of Wasaga Beach, outside Owen Sound, the Bruce Peninsula begins, surrounded by beautiful beaches, including the 11-kilometer Soble Beach at Lake Huron, one of the most famous local beaches.

To the west of the Grand River on Lake Erie, there are several other popular beaches, including Silver Beach, located near Fort Erie.

Ontario’s Sleeping Giant Mountain is one of Canada’s seven wonders, ahead of the Bay of Fundy and Niagara Falls in popularity.

Entertainment and attractions of Ontario

In Toronto, you should look into the entertainment complex on Ontario Square, stroll through Hyde Park, Queen Elizabeth Park or the picturesque Toronto Islands Park on Lake Ontario. The building of Casa Loma is noteworthy – a century-old neo-Gothic castle built by the banker Henry Pellat in the early 20th century. Other attractions are Fort York, Spadin Castle, Fort George, Algonquin Nature Reserve, Maple Syrup Museum, the 553-meter CN Tower and the famous Niagara Falls, which is located just 100 km south of the city.


Hamilton, Ontario’s second largest city and Canada’s third busiest port, is also notable for its flowering gardens – the Royal Botanic and Gage Gardens. Museum goers will be interested in visiting the Hamilton Military Museum with a collection of weapons, uniforms and other artifacts from 1790-1954, an art gallery with more than 7,400 paintings, sculptures and graphics, as well as the Canadian Football Hall of Fame. For thrill-seekers in Hamilton, there is also something to their liking – for them a huge park inhabited by wild animals has been created here, where you can make an unforgettable trip in your own car or in a sightseeing bus.

Sleeping Giant

An unforgettable trip will be to the Sleeping Giant, a unique natural formation on Sibley Island (near Thunder Bay). From afar, this mountain resembles a giant sleeping on its back and is part of the 24,000-hectare park of the same name. The Sleeping Giant is listed as one of the seven wonders of Canada, ahead of the Bay of Fundy and even Niagara Falls in popularity.

Tourist train

A fascinating journey will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Agave Canyon with its rocky cliffs, mountain rivers and lakes: the Algoma Central Railway tourist train leaves for the canyon from Sault Ste. Marie. But lovers of thrills are waiting for a walk along the longest suspension bridge in Canada, stretched across the Eagle Canyon.


In Windsor, with its flower beds, fountains and park sculptures, the city’s Cheese Factory Museum is of interest, where the visitor is given the opportunity to see how cheese was made in the 1860s. Among the numerous parks of Windsor, it is worth highlighting the Queen Elizabeth II Sunken garden with 12 thousand rose bushes, as well as Coventry Gardens.

On the road from Windsor to Toronto is the small town of Dresden, home to Uncle Tom’s Cabin, famous for Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel of the same name.

The prototype of Uncle Tom was the Reverend Josiah Henson, whose life story formed the basis of the book.

Built in 1842, the Henson House exhibits documents from the abolitionist era, rare books, and various household items.

Ontario, Canada