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Nauru Education Facts


The children in Nauru have compulsory schooling between the ages of 6 and 16. The tuition is free of charge and almost all children attend school. Virtually all adult Naurus can read and write.

However, when the economic crisis in Nauru was at its deepest in the early 2000s, the country’s schools hardly worked at all (see further Modern History and Economic Overview). The teachers did not always get their salaries and the quality of the premises and school materials was poor. The school system has since been equipped with support from Australia and New Zealand.

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Teaching is mainly in English. At the upper secondary level, vocational programs have been introduced in addition to the more academic orientations.

The University of Fiji has had a branch on the island since the late 1980s and higher education is being expanded. Many Naurus continue reading abroad, especially in Australia.

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Proportion of children starting primary school

84.2 percent (2016)

Number of pupils per teacher in primary school

40 (2016)

Nauru Flag PNG Image