Mexico Entry Requirements

Mexico Entry Requirements

Passport and visa regulations


Passport required visa required Return ticket required
Germany Yes 1 Yes
Austria Yes 1 Yes
Switzerland Yes 1 Yes
Other EU countries Yes 1 Yes
Turkey Yes 2/3 Yes

Passport information

A passport is generally required, must be valid for at least 6 months upon entry into Mexico and must be in good condition.

Note on the passport

Advanced Passenger Information System (Apis): The system of pre-recorded passenger data, called Advanced Passenger Information System (Apis), requires the registration of the following personal data of passengers by the transporting airline: name, surname, date of birth, nationality, passport number, country of residence, type of travel document and gender. Travelers should check with their airline whether data is collected in advance or at check-in.

Visa information

Generally required, except for those in possession of a tourist card or other document that replaces a visa. Citizens of many countries require a tourist card in addition to the visa. A full list is available from embassies and consulates. Tourist Card (FMM – Forma Migratoria Múltiple): Only issued to tourists and business travelers, but not issued to travelers who want to look for and take up work in Mexico or who want to do other work, including free of charge. The Tourist Card (“FMM”) is often only issued for 30 or 90 days, but can in principle be issued for up to 180 days. Who enters by land receives a tourist card for a stay of less than 7 days. In order to avoid later trouble, the period of validity should therefore be observed when entering the country and a complaint made if necessary. The tourist card FMM is available from the airline or at the border crossing, it must be stamped upon entry. The immigration authorities reserve the right to request proof that the stay is for tourism purposes only or is part of a business trip and that there are sufficient funds. Important: the tourist card must be kept throughout your stay, carried with you at all times and presented when you leave the country. Citizens of the following countries listed in the table above receive tourist cards upon entry: [1] EU countries and Switzerland (for tourist and business stays of up to 180 days). [2] Citizens of Turkey who have a valid, unlimited residence permit / visa for a Schengen country and who have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months upon entry. Electronic Authorization (Sistema de Autorización Electrónica (SAE)) [3] Turkish nationals without a residence permit / without a visa for a Schengen country who have an Electronic Authorization (Sistema de Autorización Electrónica (SAE)) and a valid at least 6 months at the time of entry Possessing a passport can enter the country for a tourist or business stay of up to 30 days (extendable to a maximum of 180 days). Attention: A visa must be applied for for long-term stays. A visa must also be applied for if the stay is neither tourist nor business. Special residency permits are required for humanitarian workers and NGO workers. Information can be obtained from the embassies and the Instituto Nacional de Migración. Cruise ship passengers of all nationalities (except for Kosovo citizens) can enter Mexico without a visa if they stay within the borders agreed between the tour operator and the Government of Mexico.

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Varies according to nationality; Fees change monthly as they are linked to exchange rates. You should inquire about the current status in good time. Tourist card: 594 MXN (already included in the plane ticket), (for arrivals by land: pay in cash in MXN or through a bank branch. Electronic permit (Sistema de Autorización Electrónica (SAE): free


Tourist Cards: The length of stay is indicated on each card (possibility of extension up to 180 days at the Migration Office of the Ministry of the Interior in Mexico). The card is valid for single entry only. Business and Technician Visa: Up to 1 year multiple entry. More details from the consular posts.


Otherwise, transit travelers who require a visa and who fly on with the next connecting flight within 24 hours, do not leave the transit area and have valid onward travel tickets do not require a transit visa. First of all, an appointment must be made with the responsible diplomatic mission. Application (in Frankfurt independently by post,

Application required

Tourist Visa (a) 1 application form with fingerprints. (b) 1 recent color passport photo with white background (no biometric passport photo). (c) Passport (and copy of passport) valid for at least 6 months upon entry and copies of all pages containing entries. Must contain at least one free page. After the visa application has been completed, the passport must be picked up personally by the applicant at the consular representation in Frankfurt. (d) Proof of sufficient funds (wage/salary of at least €400 per month). (e) Marriage certificate, if any. (f) Fee (bank transfer with receipt or cash depending on the consulate). (g) Stamped, registered return envelope (DIN A4). Additional documentation is required for business and engineering visas. Information can be obtained from the responsible consular representation (see contact addresses). Note on work visas: Applicants for work visas must appear in person if they have an authorization number included with their application. The Mexican consulate in Frankfurt/M. However, only people with a pre-arranged appointment can accept applications. Tourist Card (a) Passport valid for at least 6 months upon entry. (b) Return/Onward Tickets. (c) Sufficient funds for the stay.

Temporary Residence

Information is available from the embassy.

Processing time

Visa: Up to 10 days, in summer e.g. T. up to 3 weeks. An entry permit from the Mexican Ministry of the Interior is required, up to 6 weeks.

Proof of sufficient funds

Foreigners must have sufficient funds.

Entry with children

German: Machine-readable children’s passport or your own passport. Austrians: Own passport. Swiss: Own passport. Turks: Own passport. Note: The same visa requirements apply to children as to their parents. Children and young people need their own tourist card and must also be mentioned in the tourist card of the accompanying mother or father. Since June 27, 2012, children need their own travel document (passport / children’s passport) for trips abroad (also within the EU). Entries of children in the parental passport are no longer possible. Departure from Mexico The following provision applies to Mexican minors and foreign minors who who have permanent or temporary residence in Mexico, e.g. as schoolchildren or students (no tourists) or who have dual citizenship (including Mexican): Unaccompanied minors who are not accompanied by a legal guardian need copies of their parents’ citizenship to leave Mexico Passports and a notarized declaration of consent from the legal guardian. This can only be signed by a notary and must be accompanied by an apostille and an official translation. More detailed information on this can be obtained from the Mexican missions abroad and the Instituto Nacional de Migración (address above).

Entry with pets

A health certificate issued no more than 3 days before arrival is required for all animals upon entry. In addition, for cats and dogs older than 3 months, a vaccination certificate against rabies, certified by the Mexican consulate, is required, stating that the vaccination was given at least 15 days but no more than 12 months before departure. The embassies and SENASICA provide information. An import permit from the Ministry of Agriculture is required for birds and all other animals. Taking up to 3 animals (cats, dogs, canaries, hamsters, guinea pigs, turtles, etc.) is tax-free.

Mexico Entry Requirements