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Mauritius has made great investments in education. As a result, almost nine out of ten residents can read and write. The school system is well developed and the tuition is free of charge up to the university level.

School compulsory schooling has eleven years between the ages of 5 and 16. In principle, all children complete the first six years of primary school. About three out of four students proceed to the next stage. Private schools are common, about three out of four students in the six-year low school attend private school. In recent years, increased investments have been made in vocational schools.

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Much of the teaching takes place in English and French, which has led to children from poor families who are not fluent in these languages ​​dropping out of school. The government is therefore making efforts to increase teaching in the local languages ​​Morisy or Bhojpuri.

Mauritius has two universities in Port Louis. Several UK universities also have branches in the country. During the first decade of the 21st century, the number of young Mauritians studying at one of the country’s universities or colleges was tripled. It is also common to conduct higher studies abroad.

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Proportion of children starting primary school

95.8 percent (2017)

Number of pupils per teacher in primary school

18 (2017)

Reading and writing skills

93.2 percent (2016)

Public expenditure on education as a percentage of GDP

19.9 percent (2017)

Public expenditure on education as a percentage of the state budget

19.9 percent (2017)




The Supreme Court frees Pravind Jugnauth

May 26

The Supreme Court cancels prison sentence against Pravind Jugnauth (see July 2015). He is reinstated in the government and is given responsibility for finances and economic development.

Mauritius Best Colleges and Universities