Margarita, Venezuela

Margarita, Venezuela Travel Information

According to aristmarketing, Margarita is an island of eternal summer, discovered in the 15th century by Christopher Columbus himself and located 40 km from mainland Venezuela. Today it is called one of the key resorts in the region, not least because the rest here is more budgetary when compared with a trip to other Caribbean resorts.

Margarita’s main treasure is her exemplary sandy beaches, which seem to have descended from the pages of magazines, which can be found in any part of the island. Many of them are considered a real Mecca for surfers. The island is also famous for its richest tropical flora and fauna and democratic shopping – for the sake of them, thousands of tourists go to Margarita all year round.

How to get to Margarita Island

There is an airport on the island where Pegas Fly charters fly from Moscow several times a week. The flight there takes 13.5 hours, back – almost 12 hours. Flights are booked as part of package tours along with insurance, hotel and transfer.

For those who prefer independent travel, there is an option with a flight from Moscow by Turkish Airlines to Caracas with a transfer in Istanbul. From Caracas, you can get by plane to Margarita Airport in 4 hours. But here, only air tickets will cost more than a full-fledged tour, and the flight will take almost a day in total.


According to areacodesexplorer, Margarita is a popular tourist center, so it boasts a developed infrastructure. At the same time, most of its shops, entertainment facilities (casinos, bars, restaurants of local and European cuisines), man-made attractions are concentrated in the capital of the state of Nueva Esparta – the city of La Asuncion and in the tourist capital of Margarita – the city of Porlamar, as well as in some other cities of the eastern coast of the island.

Margherita is considered a duty-free zone, so shops with rum, cigars, accessories and other goods cannot be counted there.

It is most convenient to move around the island in a rented car. The main trails are laid along the coast, so breathtaking views are guaranteed. It is better to prefer a taxi to public transport: almost two dozen companies work on Margarita, cars are identified by the inscription Taxi or checkers. Payment is made not according to the meter, but according to fixed rates – the price list with the driver. At night, on weekends and holidays, the cost of taxi services is 20% higher.

Popular hotels in Margarita

Vacationers are accepted by 3-5 * hotels – from modest guest houses for lovers of budget travel to magnificent hotel complexes and villas with private pools. The cost of a double room in a 3-4 * hotel is from 65 USD / night, in the “five” – ​​from 90 USD / night. Apartments are easy to find for $ 45 /night including all taxes and fees. The prices on the page are for February 2022.

Most of the options are in the southern, northern and eastern parts of the city, not far from the coast.


The island should adhere to exactly the same safety rules as in the rest of Venezuela. Jewelry, expensive equipment, money should be kept in a hotel safe, do not leave unattended on the beach or by the pool, exchange currency only at banks or trusted points, avoid walking outside the hotel area at night, even though Margarita is considered safer than that or Caracas.

You should drink bottled water, wash fruits and vegetables and wash your hands thoroughly, book hotels with rooms equipped with mosquito nets.

Beaches of Margarita

The Margarita Coast is a continuous series of sandy beaches surrounded by palm trees, stretching for hundreds of kilometers. One part of them is suitable for a relaxed beach holiday, and the other is designed for surfing in all its forms. In general, waves are regular guests on all the beaches of the island, so you should be more careful when swimming.

Fans of just soaking up the sun are recommended to choose El Agua beach in the northeastern part of the island. It is surrounded by a scattering of cafes, shops, nightclubs, sun loungers and umbrellas are rented out. El Yakque beach in the south of Margarita is on the list of the best places for kite and windsurfing; good for windsurfing and the northeast beach of El Kadron.

El Tirano beach is famous for its fish market, Guacuco – good conditions for families with children: there are not such high waves as in other parts of the island. And on the beach of La Restinga, which stretches for 22 km along the national park of the same name, you can buy inexpensive tasty oysters and enjoy the relative desertion.

Entertainment and attractions of Margarita

The main wealth of Margarita is national parks. The La Restiga lagoon is mangroves, colorful flocks of flamingos, parrots, pelicans, a rich underwater world where you can see starfish and horses. Cerro el Copey National Park is dense forests full of monkeys and deer, an observation deck that offers a wonderful panoramic view of the island, as well as El Paraiso restaurant, where excellent ribs are prepared and you can see hummingbirds and large parrots at arm’s length.

In the town of Juan Griego in the northwest of Margherita stands the 19th century fort of La Galera. From its walls you can admire excellent views of the city and the sea surface, and the most popular photographs from there are those with old cannons.

There is another fortress in Pampatara – San Carlos de Borromeo, but it was made at a later time and looks neglected. On the very coast of Pampatara, there is a lighthouse where you can climb to try to see the dolphins that live in the local waters.

In the same place, in Pampatara, the Parque de Atracciones Diverland amusement park is open with a Ferris wheel, roller coasters and go-kart rentals. Nearby Porlamar has several shopping malls and museums, including modern art. In La Asuncion, it will be interesting to just wander through the streets of the city, where there are simple churches, the gloomy castle of Santa Rosa de la Eminencia, multi-colored low houses and small parks.

Margarita, Venezuela