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Liechtenstein Education Facts


The children in Liechtenstein start school at the age of six and have a compulsory schooling for nine years. Even after the first five years, the children are divided into different classes with vocational or study preparation.

In addition to the state schools are two private schools and one special school. Tuition is free, but parents can pay a portion for school books.

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Liechtenstein University offers education mainly in architecture and business economics. It was upgraded from the university in 2011. There is also a private university with special legal and medical programs, as well as a research institute. However, many students still apply to Switzerland or Austria for higher education. In total, there were around 700 university students in Liechtenstein and just over 1,000 Liechtenstein students studying abroad in 2014.

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Proportion of children starting primary school

92.1 percent (2016)

Number of pupils per teacher in primary school

8 (2016)



Bank secrecy should be eased

Liechtenstein promises to comply with international rules that will make tax evasion more difficult by exchanging information between tax authorities. The decision comes after protracted international criticism that got wealthy foreigners to move their assets from Liechtenstein’s banks.


New government

FBP’s Adrian Hasler becomes prime minister in the new government. (27/3)


Elections to Parliament

In the parliamentary elections, the PDB takes 40 percent of the vote and VU 33.5 percent. Independents get 15.3 percent and the Free List, which is an environmental party, 11.1 percent. The turnout was close to 80 percent. (1-3 / 2)

Liechtenstein Best Colleges and Universities