Kosovo Entry Requirements

Kosovo Entry Requirements

Passport and visa regulations


Passport required visa required Return ticket required
Turkey Yes no Yes
Other EU countries 1 no Yes
Switzerland 1 no Yes
Austria 1 no Yes
Germany 1 no Yes

ID cards/identity cards

[1] Citizens of EU countries and Switzerland can enter the country with a biometric identity card/identity card or identity card in credit card format if this document is still valid for at least 3 months upon entry.

Passport information

Generally required, must still be valid for at least 3 months upon entry.

Note on the passport

Entry and exit via Serbia Since the Serbian authorities do not issue entry stamps at the border between Kosovo and Serbia, exiting Kosovo via Serbia is only possible if you have previously entered the country via Serbia and the total duration of the journey not exceed 90 days. Staying in or transiting Serbia without a regular entry stamp constitutes a violation of Serbian immigration law and can lead to arrest.

Visa information

Generally required, except for citizens of the following countries listed in the table above for stays of up to 90 days within a 6 month period: EU countries and Switzerland and Turkey.

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When applying in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for travelers who require a visa, entry visa: 40 €. Personally at the consular representation (see contact addresses), no more than 3 months before the planned trip.

Application required

Entry Visa: (a) Completed Visa Application Form. (b) a recent passport photograph. (c) Passport with at least 2 blank pages, valid for at least 3 months after departure. (d) Documents proving the purpose of the trip. (e) Proof of accommodation (e.g. hotel booking or invitation). (f) sufficient funds for the duration of the stay and the return journey. (g) Health Insurance. (h) Documents proving intent to leave the country. (i) Visa Fee. All documents must be translated into English, Albanian or Serbian.

Legally Required Registration

Foreigners must register with the police within 24 hours of their arrival in the place of stay. If you are staying at a hotel, this may be taken over by the hotel. You must always carry the certificate with you and present it when you leave the country.

Documents required upon entry

Nationals of all nations must be able to document the reason for their entry at the border.

Extension of stay

An extension of the stay for a maximum of 90 days can be applied for at the police headquarters in Pristina 15 days before the expiry of the 90-day entry permit.

Entry with children

German: Machine-readable children’s passport or own passport or biometric identity card. Austrians: Own passport or biometric identity card. Swiss: Own passport. Turks: Own passport. Note: The same visa requirements apply to children as to their parents. Minors up to the age of 14 traveling alone require a notarized declaration of consent from their parents/guardians as well as a copy of the birth certificate of the minor traveling and copies of the passports of the legal guardians. Since June 27, 2012, children need their own travel document (passport / children’s passport) for trips abroad (also within the EU).

Entry with pets

For dogs and cats, an EU pet passport with evidence of a microchip or tattoo and a veterinary health certificate certifying that the animal is healthy is required. Dogs and cats must also be vaccinated against rabies at least 15 days and at most 6 months before departure.

Kosovo Entry Requirements