Jasper, Canada

Jasper, Canada

According to ehistorylib, Jasper National Park is one of the largest reserves in Canada, located in the province of Alberta, 320 kilometers west of Edmonton and 290 kilometers from Calgary. The park was founded in 1907; its total area is 10,800 sq. km.

The park is home to more than 200 species of birds, deer, elk, grizzly bears, wolverines, tree porcupines and many other animals, and the park itself consists almost entirely of beautiful coniferous forests. Jasper is one of the most visited nature reserves in Canada, attracting a huge number of tourists both for its picturesque nature and excellent ski slopes. See 3rjewelry for other cities and countries as well as geography in North America.

How to get there

Highway 16 (Yellowhead) runs through the entire park. You can drive to the park from Hinton, 69 kilometers to the west, or from Edmonton, 35 kilometers to the east. In addition, the park can be reached from Valemount (110 km).

By train

Via Rail trains run from Edmonton and Vancouver to the park, and private Rocky Mountaineer trains also run to the park.

By plane

The nearest international airports are in Edmonton and Calgary. Domestic flights also arrive at Springbank Airport, which is a little closer to the park.

There is no public transport in the park or in the city of Jasper, but inside the city you can get around by taxi. You can also rent a car or bike.

Jasper Hotels

There are several campsites on the territory of the park, located at different distances from the city, you can get the most complete information about them on the park ‘s website. In addition, there are three hostels and one hotel outside the city. Maligne Canyon Hostel is located in close proximity to the beautiful Maligne Canyon, in addition, please note that the hostel has no running water or electricity.

Athabasca Falls Hostel is located next to the Athabasca Falls, there is also no running water, but there is electricity. And Beauty Creek Hostel is located near Columbia Icefield, it has both water and electricity – and even more, they offer excellent pancakes for breakfast in the morning. A night in any of the hostels will cost you about 52 CAD.

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge, the only hotel outside the city, has excellent service and good golf courses, but the prices there are quite high. There are also many hotels in the city, you can find a complete list of them and all the necessary information on the website of the tourist office.

Jasper Restaurants

Andy’s Bistro specializes in German and Austrian cuisine and is considered one of the best restaurants in the city. It does not look very promising, but once you try any of the dishes you serve, you will immediately change your mind. Prices are quite high, but not much higher than the average in the city.

If you’re looking to dine on a budget, check out Dead Dog Bar & Grill, a local favorite. For CAD 8.95 you can order a hamburger and they have happy hour on Fridays. Spooners serves excellent coffees, teas, juices and cocktails, as well as homemade desserts, cakes and light snacks.

Japanese cuisine can be found at Denjiro Japanese Restaurant, while fine Canadian and French cuisine can be found at Becker’s Gourmet Restaurant. The bars in the city include The Hearthstone Lounge, which offers cocktails and a rich selection of wines, and Champs Sports Lounge, which broadcasts all important sporting events, and karaoke nights are held on Wednesdays.

Entertainment and attractions of Jasper

The park has a very beautiful lake Maligne, where you can ride a boat or go on a one and a half hour cruise. Near the lake there is the Maligne canyon, where you can see a waterfall in the summer. There is another waterfall in the park – Athabasca. Nearby there is parking, paved paths and places for picnics.

In winter, you can go skiing in the park and visit the Columbia Ice Field. In addition, you can climb Mount Robson, the highest in the Rocky Mountains – its height is 3954 meters. On the mountain you can see many different animals, the Fraser River and the Rearguard Falls.

Jasper, Canada