Israel Entry Requirements

Israel Entry Requirements

Passport and visa regulations


Passport required visa required Return ticket required
Germany Yes 1 Yes
Austria Yes no Yes
Switzerland Yes no Yes
Other EU countries Yes no Yes
Turkey Yes Yes Yes

Passport information

Generally required, must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the stay.

Note on the endorsement in the passport

(a) Arab countries (except Egypt, Jordan and United Arab Emirates) will refuse entry if there is an Israeli stamp in the passport. If the onward journey takes place in Arabic countries, entry and visa endorsements are not stamped in the passport but on a separate sheet (Form AL-17). More information can be obtained from the consular posts. (b) Former Israeli citizens with foreign passports must provide written proof that they have renounced their Israeli citizenship.

Visa information

A visa is generally required, except for tourist stays of up to 3 months, including citizens of the following countries listed in the table above, who receive an entry stamp free of charge upon entry: EU countries and Switzerland ([1] Germany: only Persons born after January 1, 1928 can enter without a visa).

Note on the visa

One should make sure that one receives either an entry card (Border Clearance Card) or an entry stamp in the passport upon entry.

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Varies depending on nationality and purpose of travel, inquiries to the consular representations. Accompanying children of travelers who require a visa, Germans born before 1928 and Turkish citizens can obtain a visa free of charge from the consular representation.

Visa types and costs

Tourist, student and transit visa.


The visa is generally valid for a single entry within three months. Calculations start from the day the visa is issued. The visitor visa entitles you to a stay of up to three months from the day of entry (the entry stamp is decisive). The transit visa is valid for a two-day stay. In person or by post to the consular department of the embassy or consulate general.

Application required

Tourist visa: (a) 1 application form (downloadable from the website of the relevant diplomatic mission). (b) 1 recent passport photo (5 x 5 cm). (c) Passport that is valid for at least six months at the time of entry. (d) Reserved return or onward ticket. (e) Fee (by bank transfer with copy of receipt or by credit card when applying in person (except Diners Club)). (f) Proof of accommodation (invitation or hotel booking confirmation). (g) Proof of Sufficient Funds. (h) If applicable, residence permit/work permit for Germany, Austria or Switzerland, which is still valid for at least six months upon entry. (i) A job confirmation / unemployment or social welfare certificate / pension notice / student certificate with financing of the student stay (e.g. Bafög certificate, scholarship certificate) / or similar. (j) Only German citizens who were born before 1928 must also submit a completed declaration form (concerns membership of the NSDAP), which can be downloaded from the website of the relevant diplomatic mission. (k) Proof of international health insurance. Business visa additionally: (l) Letter of invitation from the company in Israel. (m) Company letter of secondment detailing travel and proof of employment. Visa application for children traveling with you: If children are traveling with you, the following applies to all children who have not yet reached the age of 18: (a) passport, residence permit, Passport photo, application form and flight reservation as above. (b) Copy of marriage certificate. (c) Copy of the child’s birth certificate. (d) A consent form signed by both parents (or legal guardian) allowing the child to travel (or both signatures on the application form). (e) Copy of mother/father’s passport with recognizable signature – or custody certificate/divorce certificate where custody is noted. When applying by post, a stamped, registered return envelope must be enclosed.

Temporary Residence

Inquiries to the Ministry of the Interior.

Processing time

Approx. 2-3 weeks, depending on nationality. If a query in Israel is necessary, some nationalities also 4-6 weeks. Express processing in Berlin: 3 consular working days. If you apply in person, it can be done on the same day.

Proof of sufficient funds

All travelers must have sufficient funds.

Extension of stay

An extension is possible for a fee, application to the offices of the Ministry of the Interior.

Entry with children

German: Machine-readable children’s passport with photograph or your own passport. Austrians: Own passport. Swiss: Own passport. Turks: Own passport. Note: The same visa requirements apply to children as to their parents. Attention: Minors under the age of 16 who are traveling alone or accompanied by a parent should carry a declaration of power of attorney from the legal guardians or persons authorized to reside with them who are not traveling with them. In addition, minors must carry a copy of their birth certificate and copies of their parents’ or guardians’ passports. Since the 27th Since June 2012, children need their own travel document (passport / children’s passport) for trips abroad (including within the EU). Entries of children in the parental passport are no longer possible.

Entry restrictions

If the passport contains visas from Arab states, a very strict and lengthy security interview by Israeli security forces must be expected (exception: Jordan and Egypt). It is advisable to ask the responsible Israeli diplomatic mission. German nationals with Palestinian personal identification numbers (ID numbers) are generally denied direct entry into Israel. Current note on entry restrictions: The Israeli border authorities are currently occasionally entering a PA-only note in the passports of people who travel on to the Palestinian territories. This means a restriction of residence to the Palestinian territories.

Israel Entry Requirements