Crescent Moon Games, the Studio behind the popular Ravensword: Shadowlands, returns to the fray with his new game: You exiles. In this new title repeated the formula of RPG world opened with good 3D graphics, but changes the setting to the science fiction.

In a distant world, an isolated colony is about to be enslaved. Us He plays one of the members of the elite forces of the colony, and we will try to keep ours safe using a variety of weapons and vehicles in a vast world with day and night cycles.

In You exiles we will find an elaborate story full of missions, where you can and create a character to our measure and may choose, in addition to our sex, one of three different kinds, and we will face hordes of aliens and mechanized enemies. And most importantly, not a single payment in-app.

Exilesversion 2.14

  • Version of Android: 4.0 and higher versions
  • Developer: Crescent Moon Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 5,69€
  • Category: Action