How to Get to Varna, Bulgaria

How to Get to Varna, Bulgaria

In summer, Varna Airport receives regular and seasonal flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg and other Russian cities. It is also possible to fly with a transfer in Istanbul, Vienna or Prague, but this is significantly more expensive and takes at least twice as long. Traveling by rail or intercity buses from both capitals with 3-4 transfers stretches for 3 days and is unreasonably expensive. Traveling by car, on the one hand, saves money and gives freedom from schedules, but on the other hand, it requires self-confidence.


All areas of Varna are covered by an extensive network of bus and trolleybus routes, most of which depart from the Central Railway Station. Shuttle taxis run in some directions. Transport runs from 5:00 to 23:00 every 15 minutes, however, the actual time of arrival may differ from the schedule. The traffic schedule is posted on the stands next to the stops. In municipal transport, tickets are sold by conductors, in minibuses by drivers. A ride around the city costs 1 BGN, but there are several directions where the price depends on the distance. So, to get from the railway station to the Aquapolis water park, you will have to pay 3 BGN. The prices on the page are for September 2021.

There are several taxi companies in the city, the tariffs are practically the same. All cars are yellow and checkered. Cars are equipped with meters, but it is better to agree on the final amount in advance. Prices are usually posted on the side window. The standard tax is BGN 1.09 per landing, BGN 0.75 per 1 km during the day and BGN 0.85 at night.

According to A2zgov, there are many bike rental points in the resort – at the railway station, at Seaside Park, in some hotels and tour agencies. Prices are quite democratic – 6 BGN for the first hour, then – 3-5 BGN per hour, 20 BGN per day and 35 BGN per day. The choice is large – there are children’s and adult models. Together with transport, they usually give a map of interesting cycling routes around Varna and the surrounding area.

Car rental in Varna

As you know, it is Varna and its international airport that receive hundreds, if not thousands of flights per season with pale-faced tourists on board. Many of which are in a hurry not to the hotel, but to apartments or villas booked in advance. So the possibility of renting a car in Varna is quite high. There would be a desire, and even an “iron horse” would be found to match. Prices are low: from 35 EUR per day. The package of documents is simple – national rights, driving experience of at least a year and at least 21 years behind. Read more on the page ” Rent a car in Varna “.

Varna Hotels

Accommodation options in Varna are represented mainly by hotels and apartments. There are also a couple of villas and bungalows, several guest houses and hostels. The latter will appeal to budget travelers – from 30 BGN per night in a double room.

The cost of living does not really depend on the location. Budget hotels, up to 60-85 BGN for two per day, can be found both near the beaches and in the center.

There are about 10 “fours” and “fives” in the resort, which in terms of level are quite consistent with their star rating. The price range is from 80 to 300 BGN for a double room. There are many 3 * hotels, the price ranges from 50 to 120 BGN for a double room per day. Most of them include breakfast. There are several options for large companies – for 5-14 guests. They will cost 200-550 BGN per day.

Communication and Wi-Fi

Calling to Russia from Varna with a local SIM card is more profitable than with a home one. Even the most democratic roaming of our companies will cost more. All 3 major Bulgarian operators are fishing at the resort – VivaCom, M-Tel and Telenor. For guests of the city, the latter is preferable. The price of the card is 10 BGN, it includes 30 international minutes and 1000 MB. If this is not enough, you can pay for additional packages – 50 minutes, 100 minutes, 2000 MB, 3000 MB and 10,000 MB. SIM cards are sold in Telenor grocery stores and salons, of which there are more than 30 in Varna. In the latter case, it is worth taking documents with you to enter data into the system, an agreement is not concluded.

The resort has many hotels and restaurants with free Wi-Fi, you can also connect to the network on the beaches. The hotspots of the local telecommunications company are scattered throughout the city, but they are only available to customers paying for other services.

Beaches of Varna

There are 6 city beaches in Varna, not counting the wild and nudist ones. All of them are suitable for families with small children – the sea is calm, the entrance to the water is gentle, shallow near the shore. The proximity of a major port is practically not felt. Port cranes are visible only in the south, but even here the water is clean and clear.

Entrance to the beaches is free, but each has areas filled with umbrellas and sun loungers, rent will cost 7-10 BGN apiece. A more comfortable option is tents and gazebos with soft pillows for 15-20 BGN. It is not customary to settle down with your own towel in such areas.

All beaches are wide and spacious, even in the peak season there is enough space. Urns, locker rooms, toilets and showers are installed everywhere, there is a cafe or a restaurant within walking distance. Covering almost the entire coast is sandy, only in the northernmost part of the pebbles. In addition, the Ribari beach is almost completely made of stone. Although it is officially recognized by local authorities, there is practically no infrastructure here. Vacationers love authentic seafood establishments.

The busiest and most crowded beach is Central. It is not deserted even at night – after sunset it is occupied by young people who are attracted by loud music and cheap cocktails. Outdoor enthusiasts and tourists with children should go to the South Beach – there are playgrounds for kids and beach volleyball. The beach “Officer” is notable for its healing pool with hydrogen sulfide water, and the northern “Bunite” and “Bunite-2” are close to the European level of service. Behind them are wild and nudist beaches.

How to Get to Varna, Bulgaria