How to Get to USA

How to Get to USA

Air traffic between Moscow and US cities is very stable. Aeroflot flies several times a week to New York (just over 9 hours in the air, starting from Sheremetyevo), Los Angeles (12.5 hours) and Washington (10 hours). In addition, direct and connecting flights from Moscow to New York, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami and Dallas are operated by American Airlines.

Many European companies – KLM, British Airways, Finnair, LOT, Air France, Alitalia, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, etc. offer flights to different cities in the USA with connections in other countries. For example, Turkish Airlines is transported to Los Angeles via Istanbul (departure from Vnukovo, 22 hours on the way), Aeroflot and LOT via Warsaw (16 hours). You can get to New York from the Swiss with a transfer in Zurich (departure from Domodedovo, 13 hours 40 minutes), to Chicago – with Turkish Airlines with a connection in Istanbul (22 hours).

It is cheaper to fly from St. Petersburg to New York with Aeroflot (14 hours via Moscow), to Washington — with Turkish Airlines (35 hours via Istanbul), to Los Angeles — with Aeroflot-Rossiya tandem (from 23 hours through the Russian capital). UIA flights fly directly from Kyiv to New York, citizens of Belarus can get to US cities with transfers in Moscow (Aeroflot), Kyiv (UIA), Istanbul (Turkish Airlines) and other cities. For United States climate and geography, please check TopPharmacySchools.

Details on how to get to the popular US region – New York.

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The most convenient, albeit expensive, way to travel between American cities is air travel. Airports are open throughout the country, accepting flights from megacities and small towns. The main carriers are American Airlines, United Airlines, low-cost airlines Jet Blue and Southeast Airlines. Tickets are sold online and at airline ticket offices.

The next most popular type of intercity transport is trains. They are comfortable here: it is convenient to travel even on cheap seats in a reserved seat. For picky passengers there are double compartments with a separate toilet, for trips with children – family compartments. The fare depends on the class of the car, distance and other factors, tickets can be purchased at the box office and at the office. carrier website. For a trip from New York to Washington, you have to pay from 90 USD, from Los Angeles to San Francisco – from 60 USD.

For tourists in the United States, there is a USA Rail Pass, which gives the right to free movement around the country for 15-45 days. It costs 460-900 USD (for children – 230-450 USD), train tickets must be reserved in advance.

The main bus carrier is Greyhound. The fleet is being updated gradually: transport with amenities and Wi-Fi is already running in the northeast, in the west the cars are still rather shabby.

Public transport within cities

Most American cities are cut by taxis, buses and minibuses, in megacities they are supplemented by the subway. Tickets for all types of public transport are sold in vending machines, there are detailed route maps at the stops, so there should be no problems with orienteering. Travel cards are single-use and reusable, in New York one trip costs 2.75 USD, in Washington – 1.75 USD.

Accustomed to comfort, Americans love to ride a taxi: they are called by phone, they are searched for in parking lots, but more often they are caught right on the streets. A half-hour trip is unlikely to cost less than 30-35 USD, but the rates are different everywhere: in New York – 2.50 USD per landing plus 1.50 USD per km, in Los Angeles – 2.60 USD and 1.80 USD, respectively.

Rent a Car

You should not drive a rented car around New York, Washington, San Francisco: crazy traffic and lack of parking spaces will cause a lot of trouble. For trips around the country, it is more profitable to take a car right at the airport, where rent is a quarter cheaper. On weekends and during the summer holidays (July-August), car rental becomes more expensive by a third, or even half.

To rent a car, you must have a driver’s license and be over 21 years old (in some companies – 25 years old). Payment is usually made by credit card, but if tourists book a car at the time of purchasing the tour, then upon receiving it at the rental office, you can pay in cash, leaving a refundable deposit of about 200 USD per week and presenting an international air ticket. Together with the car, tourists receive a detailed road map.

It is forbidden to exceed the speed limit, keep open bottles of alcohol in the car. A pedestrian entering a controlled crossing must be let through. Failure to comply with one of the rules can cost the motorist rights. When renting a car, it is better to fill the tank to the top – for each missing gallon, they can keep triple the amount. Distance in the US is measured in miles, 1 mile equals 1.6 km.

The main distributors are Hertz, Thrifty, Dollar, National and Alamo, the number of rental offices in major cities exceeds the hundreds. Renting a small car in New York will cost from 70 USD per day, a convertible in Los Angeles – from 60 USD, an SUV in Las Vegas – from 45 USD.

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How to Get to USA