How To Find Out Your Overall SAT Score

SAT (standardized Aptitude/Assessment Test) is a standardized test students take as one of the determining factors, as a College, they will get into some colleges do not require the SAT for approval (instead they require ACT); most require one of the two tests. Although the students usually take the SAT during the junior year of high school, it may be a while before you can view your test results. When you receive your test results will simple maths help you figure out your total score.

1. Find the distribution of your score. The test has three different sections: critical reading, mathematics and writing. Each section is scored separately.

2. Add your critical reading section with your Math section. Let’s say you scored a 563 in Reading and 502 in Math. 563 + 502 = 1065.

3. Add your total from the first two paragraphs of writing section. Let’s say you scored a 479 in writing. 1065 + 479 = 1544. This means 1544 is your total test result.

4. Find out what your test score means. The maximum points you can score in each section is 800, which makes a perfect 2400 SAT score. According to the College Board, which administers the SAT, very few students ever to achieve a perfect score—the students to be in 99 percentile and above. In 2006, according to the College Board, the average score for the SAT was 1518. Therefore, perform a 1544 puts you in about the 53. percentile, which is just slightly above average.