How to Find and Qualify for Scholarships

Planning out your college career goals is an exciting and often overwhelming process. Between choosing a major, where you’d like to study and visit schools, you may overlook an important part of going to college: cost. Most families cannot afford to pay for college tuition, books, room and Board, or without a little help. Scholarships are a great way to help slow down your college costs, and there are scholarships available for almost every student situation and skill set.

1. Ask your supervisor to obtain information about any local scholarships you may be eligible for. Even if your grades are not the best, you may be eligible for scholarships on your leisure activities (especially if these activities impact on your chosen area of study in college), work history or even family members. You school guidance office must also have access to scholarship information for nationwide scholarship opportunities. Local scholarship opportunities may include local businesses, grocery stores, and religious organizations.

2. Research your club or organisation websites or talk to your club Counselor about scholarship opportunities. Organizations such as the National Honors Society (NHS) recognize excellence in high school academics and leadership skills through volunteer work and other activities. United States NHS website notes that since 1946 have NHS provided more than $ 10 million in scholarships.

3. Check online fellowship services. Online scholarship searches provides a wealth of information quickly, and many scholarship search engines so you can search for scholarships catering to your specific extracurricular talents as well as academic achievements. In a interview from April 6, 2009, Tally Hart, senior adviser for economic access at Ohio State University notes, you must use the free college scholarship provided by organizations such as the College Board or the Petersons.

4. Contact the colleges to which you want to apply to in order to get information about scholarships offered through the school itself. notes colleges typically offer captured three types of scholarship awards: athletic awards, which are very competitive (especially for Division I and II schools, which is supported by the National Collegiate Athletic Association), academic awards for excellence in the classroom, and Department-specific awards that are specific to your proposed major.